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Nights Nothings Again

WHO knows what I know When I have asked the night questions And the night has answered nothing Only the […]

Bricklayer Love

I THOUGHT of killing myself because I am only a bricklayer and you a woman who loves the man who […]

Near Keokuk

THIRTY-TWO Greeks are dipping their feet in a creek. Sloshing their bare feet in a cool flow of clear water. […]

Five Cent Balloons

PIETRO has twenty red and blue balloons on a string. They flutter and dance pulling Pietro’s arm. A nickel apiece […]

To Certain Journeymen

UNDERTAKERS, hearse drivers, grave diggers, I speak to you as one not afraid of your business. You handle dust going […]

Fire Pages

I WILL read ashes for you, if you ask me. I will look in the fire and tell you from […]

Anna Imroth

CROSS the hands over the breast here so. Straighten the legs a little more so. And call for the wagon […]


The monotone of the rain is beautiful, And the sudden rise and slow relapse Of the long multitudinous rain. The […]

To a Dead Man

Over the dead line we have called to you To come across with a word to us, Some beaten whisper […]

Valley Song

YOUR eyes and the valley are memories. Your eyes fire and the valley a bowl. It was here a moonrise […]

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