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Poems in English

Corn Hut Talk

WRITE your wishes on the door and come in. Stand outside in the pools of the harvest moon. Bring in […]

Village in Late Summer

LIPS half-willing in a doorway. Lips half-singing at a window. Eyes half-dreaming in the walls. Feet half-dancing in a kitchen. […]

Fellow Citizens

I DRANK musty ale at the Illinois Athletic Club with The millionaire manufacturer of Green River butter One night And […]


GOLD of a ripe oat straw, gold of a southwest moon, Canada thistle blue and flimmering larkspur blue, Tomatoes shining […]


You came from the Aztecs With a copper on your fore-arms Tawnier than a sunset Saying good-by to an even […]


In western fields of corn and northern timber lands, They talk about me, a saloon with a soul, The soft […]


GALOOTS, you hairy, hankering, Snousle on the bones you eat, chew at the gristle and lick the last of it. […]


THERE are places I go when I am strong. One is a marsh pool where I used to go with […]

Old Timers

I AM an ancient reluctant conscript. On the soup wagons of Xerxes I was a cleaner of pans. On the […]

Manitoba Childe Roland

LAST night a January wind was ripping at the shingles over our house and whistling a wolf Song under the […]

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