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Poems in English


FIVE geese deploy mysteriously. Onward proudly with flagstaffs, Hearses with silver bugles, Bushels of plum-blossoms dropping For ten mystic web-feet- […]


HERE is a face that says half-past seven the same way whether a murder or a wedding goes on, whether […]

The South Wind Say So

IF the oriole calls like last year When the south wind sings in the oats, If the leaves climb and […]

Early Moon

THE BABY moon, a canoe, a silver papoose canoe, sails and sails in the Indian west. A ring of silver […]

Night Stuff

LISTEN a while, the moon is a lovely woman, a lonely woman, lost in a silver dress, lost in a […]


WHEN the jury files in to deliver a verdict after weeks of direct and cross examinations, hot clashes of lawyers […]


THE MARE Alix breaks the world’s trotting record one day. I see her heels flash down the dust of an […]


I WISH to God I never saw you, Mag. I wish you never quit your job and came along with […]

Halsted Street Car

COME you, cartoonists, Hang on a strap with me here At seven o’clock in the morning On a Halsted street […]

Woman with a Past

THERE was a woman tore off a red velvet gown And slashed the white skin of her right shoulder And […]

Evening Waterfall

WHAT was the name you called me?- And why did you go so soon? The crows lift their caw on […]

Jan Kubelik

YOUR bow swept over a string, and a long low note Quivered to the air. (A mother of Bohemia sobs […]

Buffalo Bill

BOY heart of Johnny Jones-aching to-day? Aching, and Buffalo Bill in town? Buffalo Bill and ponies, cowboys, Indians? Some of […]

The Noon Hour

SHE sits in the dust at the walls And makes cigars, Bending at the bench With fingers wage-anxious, Changing her […]


ON the one hand the steel works. On the other hand the penitentiary. Sante Fé trains and Alton trains Between […]

Brass Keys

JOY… weaving two violet petals for a coat lapel… painting on a slab of night sky a Christ face… slipping […]

Aztec Mask

I wanted a man’s face looking into the jaws and throat Of life With something proud on his face, so […]


DOWN between the walls of shadow Where the iron laws insist, The hunger voices mock. The worn wayfaring men With […]


Take a hold now On the silver handles here, Six silver handles, One for each of his old pals. Take […]

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