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Poems in English

Hemlock and Cedar

THIN sheets of blue smoke among white slabs… near the shingle mill… winter morning. Falling of a dry leaf might […]


PILE the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo. Shovel them under and let me work- I am the grass; I […]


FASTEN black eyes on me. I ask nothing of you under the peach trees, Fasten your black eyes in my […]

A Coin

YOUR western heads here cast on money, You are the two that fade away together, Partners in the mist. Lunging […]


CLOWNS DYINGFIVE circus clowns dying this year, morning newspapers told their lives, how each one horizontal in a last gesture […]


THE KNEES of this proud woman Are bone. The elbows of this proud woman Are bone. The summer-white stars and […]


NEITHER rose leaves gathered in a jar-respectably in Boston-these-nor drops of Christ blood for a chalice-decently in Philadelphia or Baltimore. […]


I AM riding on a limited express, one of the crack trains Of the nation. Hurtling across the prairie into […]

Three Ghosts

THREE tailors of Tooley Street wrote: We, the People. The names are forgotten. It is a joke in ghosts. Cutters […]

The Skyscraper Loves Night

ONE by one lights of a skyscraper fling their checkering cross work on the velvet gown of night. I believe […]

The Answer

You have spoken the answer. A child searches far sometimes Into the red dust On a dark rose leaf And […]

It Is Much

Women of night life amid the lights Where the line of your full, round throats Matches in gleam the glint […]

Population Drifts

NEW-MOWN hay smell and wind of the plain made her A woman whose ribs had the power of the hills […]

Clark Street Bridge

DUST of the feet And dust of the wheels, Wagons and people going, All day feet and wheels. Now. . […]

North Atlantic

WHEN the sea is everywhere From horizon to horizon.. when the salt and blue fill a circle of horizons.. I […]

And They Obey

SMASH down the cities. Knock the walls to pieces. Break the factories and cathedrals, warehouses And homes Into loose piles […]


ROSES and gold For you today, And the flash of flying flags. I will have Ashes, Dust in my hair, […]

And This Will be All?

AND this will be all? And the gates will never open again? And the dust and the wind will play […]


I SHALL never forget you, Broadway Your golden and calling lights. I’ll remember you long, Tall-walled river of rush and […]


IN the loam we sleep, In the cool moist loam, To the lull of years that pass And the break […]


She loves blood-red poppies for a garden to walk in. In a loose white gown she walks and a new […]

Harvest Sunset

RED gold of pools, Sunset furrows six o’clock, And the farmer done in the fields And the cows in the […]


THESE are the tawny days: your face comes back. The grapes take on purple: the sunsets redden early on the […]

Night Movement-New York

IN the night, when the sea-winds take the city in their arms, And cool the loud streets that kept their […]

Young Bullfrogs

JIMMY WIMBLETON listened a first week in June. Ditches along prairie roads of Northern Illinois Filled the arch of night […]

The Right to Grief

To Certain Poets About to Die TAKE your fill of intimate remorse, perfumed sorrow, Over the dead child of a […]

Never Born

THE TIME has gone by. The child is dead. The child was never even born. Why go on? Why so […]

Baby Vamps

BABY vamps, is it harder work than it used to be? Are the new soda parlors worse than the old […]


THE FLUTTER of blue pigeon’s wings Under a river bridge Hunting a clean dry arch, A corner for a sleep- […]

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