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Poems in English

Vision X

There in the middle of the field, by the side of a crystalline stream, I saw a bird-cage whose rods […]


Then a lawyer said, “But what of our Laws, master?” And he answered: You delight in laying down laws, Yet […]

A Poet’s Voice XV

Part One The power of charity sows deep in my heart, and I reap and gather the wheat in bundles […]

Laughter and Tears IX

As the Sun withdrew his rays from the garden, and the moon threw cushioned beams upon the flowers, I sat […]

The City of the Dead XX

Yesterday I drew myself from the noisome throngs and proceeded into the field until I reached a knoll upon which […]

On Pain

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses Your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must […]

The Farewell XXVIII

And now it was evening. And Almitra the seeress said, “Blessed be this day and this place and your spirit […]

The Widow and Her Son XXI

Night fell over North Lebanon and snow was covering the villages surrounded by the Kadeesha Valley, giving the fields and […]

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