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Song of the Soul XXII

In the depth of my soul there is A wordless song – a song that lives In the seed of […]

The Beauty of Death XIV

Part One – The Calling Let me sleep, for my soul is intoxicated with love and Let me rest, for […]

Teaching XVIII

Then said a teacher, “Speak to us of Teaching.” And he said: No man can reveal to you aught but […]

Time XXI

And an astronomer said, “Master, what of Time?” And he answered: You would measure time the measureless and the immeasurable. […]

The Criminal V

A young man of strong body, weakened by hunger, sat on the walker’s portion of the street stretching his hand […]

Self-Knowledge XVII

And a man said, “Speak to us of Self-Knowledge.” And he answered, saying: Your hearts know in silence the secrets […]

The Creation I

The God separated a spirit from Himself and fashioned it into Beauty. He showered upon her all the blessings of […]

The Life of Love XVI

Spring Come, my beloved; let us walk amidst the knolls, For the snow is water, and Life is alive from […]

Beauty XXV

And a poet said, “Speak to us of Beauty.” Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her […]

Reason and Passion XV

And the priestess spoke again and said: “Speak to us of Reason and Passion.” And he answered saying: Your soul […]

Giving chapter V

Then said a rich man, “Speak to us of Giving.” And he answered: You give but little when you give […]

Friendship IXX

And a youth said, “Speak to us of Friendship.” Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which […]

Vision X

There in the middle of the field, by the side of a crystalline stream, I saw a bird-cage whose rods […]


Then a lawyer said, “But what of our Laws, master?” And he answered: You delight in laying down laws, Yet […]

A Poet’s Voice XV

Part One The power of charity sows deep in my heart, and I reap and gather the wheat in bundles […]

Laughter and Tears IX

As the Sun withdrew his rays from the garden, and the moon threw cushioned beams upon the flowers, I sat […]

The City of the Dead XX

Yesterday I drew myself from the noisome throngs and proceeded into the field until I reached a knoll upon which […]

On Pain

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses Your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must […]

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