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Insomnia. Homer. Taut canvas

Insomnia. Homer. Taut canvas. Half the catalogue of ships is mine: That flight of cranes, long stretched-out line, That once […]


Rome is but nature’s twin, which has reflected Rome. We see its civic might, the signs of its decorum In […]

The Age

My age, my beast, is there anyone Who can peer into your eyes And with his own blood fuse Two […]

This night is irredeemable

This night is irredeemable. Where you are, it is still bright. At the gates of Jerusalem, A black sun is […]


She has not yet been born: She is music and word, And therefore the untorn, Fabric of what is stirred. […]


From a fearful height, a wandering light, But does a star glitter like this, crying? Transparent star, wandering light Your […]


This is what I most want Unpursued, alone To reach beyond the light That I am furthest from. And for […]


I have studied the Science of departures, In night’s sorrows, when a woman’s hair falls down. The oxen chew, there’s […]

A flame is in my blood

A flame is in my blood Burning dry life, to the bone. I do not sing of stone, Now, I […]


Sisters – Heaviness and Tenderness – you look the same. Wasps and bees both suck the heavy rose. Man dies, […]