English poetry

Poems in English

E Coin Behind Your Ear

Before you knew you owned it It was gone, stolen, and you were a fool. How you never felt it […]


Butter, like love, Seems common enough Yet has so many imitators. I held a brick of it, heavy and cool, […]


In the democracy of daisies Every blossom has one vote. The question on the ballot is Does he love me? […]

After Us

I don’t know if we’re in the beginning Or in the final stage. Tomas Tranströmer Rain is falling through the […]

Jump Rope

There is menace In its relentless course, round and round, Describing an ellipsoid, An airy prison in which a young […]

Coloring Book

Each picture is heartbreakingly banal, A kitten and a ball of yarn, A dog and bone. The paper is cheap, […]