English poetry

Poems in English

Lying Down

To the right, the sky, to the left, the sea. And before your eyes, the grass and its flowers. A […]

If You Only Knew

Far from me and like the stars, the sea and all the trappings of poetic myth, Far from me but […]

Long Long Ago

Long long ago I went through the castle of leaves Yellowing slowly in the moss And far away barnacles clung […]

Dove in the Arch

Cursed! Be the father of the bride Of the blacksmith who forged the iron for the axe With which the […]

Sleep Spaces

In the night there are of course the seven wonders Of the world and the greatness tragedy and enchantment. Forests […]


What sort of arrow split the sky and this rock? It’s quivering, spreading like a peacock’s fan Like the mist […]

Fairy Tale

Many times upon a time There was a man who loved a woman. Many times upon a time There was […]

Under Cover of Night

To slip into your shadow under cover of night. To follow your footsteps, your shadow at the window. That shadow […]

Ebony Life

A frightening stillness will mark that day And the shadow of streetlights and fire-alarms will exhaust the light All things, […]

Sky Song

The flower of the Alps told the seashell: “You’re shining” The seashell told the sea: “You echo” The sea told […]

The Voice of Robert Desnos

So like a flower and a current of air The flow of water fleeting shadows The smile glimpsed at midnight […]

The Ring of Stars

In order to make a star with five branches Where six would have been the same A circle must first […]