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Poems in English

The Solitary Huntsman

The solitary huntsman No coat of pink doth wear, But midnight black from cap to spur Upon his midnight mare. […]

Winter Complaint

Now when I have a cold I am careful with my cold, I consult a physician And I do as […]

Look What You Did, Christopher!

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Someone sailed the ocean blue. Somebody borrowed the fare in Spain For a business trip […]

No, You Be A Lone Eagle

I find it very hard to be fair-minded About people who go around being air-minded. I just can’t see any […]

The Hunter

The hunter crouches in his blind ‘Neath camouflage of every kind And conjures up a quacking noise To lend allure […]

A Drink With Something In It

There is something about a Martini, A tingle remarkably pleasant; A yellow, a mellow Martini; I wish I had one […]

Tableau at Twilight

I sit in the dusk. I am all alone. Enter a child and an ice-cream cone. A parent is easily […]

A Lady Who Thinks She Is Thirty

Unwillingly Miranda wakes, Feels the sun with terror, One unwilling step she takes, Shuddering to the mirror. Miranda in Miranda’s […]

More About People

When people aren’t asking questions They’re making suggestions And when they’re not doing one of those They’re either looking over […]

To My Valentine

More than a catbird hates a cat, Or a criminal hates a clue, Or the Axis hates the United States, […]


There is a knocking in the skull, An endless silent shout Of something beating on a wall, And crying, “Let […]

Two Dogs HaveI

For years we’ve had a little dog, Last year we acquired a big dog; He wasn’t big when we got […]

One From One Leaves Two

Higgledy piggledy, my black hen, She lays eggs for gentlemen. Gentlemen come every day To count what my black hen […]

The Germ

A mighty creature is the germ, Though smaller than the pachyderm. His customary dwelling place Is deep within the human […]

The Bargain

As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven lives; Seven lives, In seven sacks, Like […]

Old Men

People expect old men to die, They do not really mourn old men. Old men are different. People look At […]

Pretty Halcyon Days

How pleasant to sit on the beach, On the beach, on the sand, in the sun, With ocean galore within […]

Common Cold

Go hang yourself, you old M. D.! You shall not sneer at me. Pick up your hat and stethoscope, Go […]

The Clean Plater

Some singers sing of ladies’ eyes, And some of ladies lips, Refined ones praise their ladylike ways, And course ones […]

Peekabo, I Almost See You

Middle-aged life is merry, and I love to Lead it, But there comes a day when your eyes Are all […]

Tin Wedding Whistle

Though you know it anyhow Listen to me, darling, now, Proving what I need not prove How I know I […]


There was a young belle of Natchez Whose garments were always in patchez. When comment arose On the state of […]

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