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To A Lady

Offended by a Book of the Writer’s NOW that my page upcloses, doomed, maybe, Never to press thy cosy cushions […]

Night In The Old Home

When the wasting embers redden the chimney-breast, And Life’s bare pathway looms like a desert track to me, And from […]

The Roman Road

The Roman Road runs straight and bare As the pale parting-line in hair Across the heath. And thoughtful men Contrast […]


The Fire at Tranter Sweatley’s THEY had long met o’ Zundays her true love and she And at junketings, maypoles, […]

To Lizbie Browne

I Dear Lizbie Browne, Where are you now? In sun, in rain? – Or is your brow Past joy, past […]

The Ruined Maid

“O ‘Melia, my dear, this does everything crown! Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town? And whence […]

Then And Now

When battles were fought With a chivalrous sense of should and ought, In spirit men said, “End we quick or […]

The Pity Of It

I walked in loamy Wessex lanes, afar From rail-track and from highway, and I heard In field and farmstead many […]

The Peasant’s Confession

Good Father!… ‘Twas an eve in middle June, And war was waged anew By great Napoleon, who for years had […]

Architectural Masks

I There is a house with ivied walls, And mullioned windows worn and old, And the long dwellers in those […]

Neutral Tones

WE stood by a pond that winter day, And the sun was white, as though chidden of God, And a […]

In The Moonlight

“O lonely workman, standing there In a dream, why do you stare and stare At her grave, as no other […]

The Levelled Churchyard

“O passenger, pray list and catch Our sighs and piteous groans, Half stifled in this jumbled patch Of wrenched memorial […]

From Victor Hugo

Child, were I king, I’d yield my royal rule, My chariot, sceptre, vassal-service due, My crown, my porphyry-basined waters cool, […]

George Meredith

Forty years back, when much had place That since has perished out of mind, I heard that voice and saw […]

The Rambler

I do not see the hills around, Nor mark the tints the copses wear; I do not note the grassy […]

To An Unborn Pauper Child

Breathe not, hid Heart: cease silently, And though thy birth-hour beckons thee, Sleep the long sleep: The Doomsters heap Travails […]

In A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury

THE years have gathered grayly Since I danced upon this leaze With one who kindled gayly Love’s fitful ecstasies! But […]

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