English poetry

Poems in English

No Buyers

A Load of brushes and baskets and cradles and chairs Labours along the street in the rain: With it a […]


At last I entered a long dark gallery, Catacomb-lined; and ranged at the side Were the bodies of men from […]

The Contretemps

A forward rush by the lamp in the gloom, And we clasped, and almost kissed; But she was not the […]

Waiting Both

A star looks down at me, And says: “Here I and you Stand each in our degree: What do you […]


It faces west, and round the back and sides High beeches, bending, hang a veil of boughs, And sweep against […]

The Selfsame Song

A bird sings the selfsame song, With never a fault in its flow, That we listened to here those long […]

The Seasons of Her Year

I Winter is white on turf and tree, And birds are fled; But summer songsters pipe to me, And petals […]

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