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Had I Wist

Had I wist, when life was like a warm wind playing Light and loud through sundawn and the dew’s bright […]

The Last Oracle

eipate toi basilei, xamai pese daidalos aula. Ouketi PHoibos exei kaluban, ou mantida daphnen, Ou pagan laleousan. apesbeto kai lalon […]

A Ballad of Dreamland

I hid my heart in a nest of roses, Out of the sun’s way, hidden apart; In a softer bed […]

Cor Cordium

O heart of hearts, the chalice of love’s fire, Hid round with flowers and all the bounty of bloom; O […]


HER mouth is fragrant as a vine, A vine with birds in all its boughs; Serpent and scarab for a […]

Christopher Marlowe

Crowned, girdled, garbed and shod with light and fire, Son first-born of the morning, sovereign star! Soul nearest ours of […]

Insularum Ocelle

Sark, fairer than aught in the world that the lit skies cover, Laughs inly behind her cliffs, and the seafarers […]

William Shakespeare

Not if men’s tongues and angels’ all in one Spake, might the word be said that might speak thee. Streams, […]


In the outer world that was before this earth, That was before all shape or space was born, Before the […]

The Way Of The Wind

The wind’s way in the deep sky’s hollow None may measure, as none can say How the heart in her […]

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