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Music: An Ode

WAS it light that spake from the darkness, Or music that shone from the word, When the night was enkindled […]

In Sark

Abreast and ahead of the sea is a crag’s front cloven asunder With strong sea-breach and with wasting of winds […]

A Channel Crossing

Forth from Calais, at dawn of night, when sunset summer on autumn shone, Fared the steamer alert and loud through […]

The Death Of Richard Wagner

Mourning on earth, as when dark hours descend, Wide-winged with plagues, from heaven; when hope and mirth Wane, and no […]

Non Dolet

It does not hurt. She looked along the knife Smiling, and watched the thick drops mix and run Down the […]

A Dead Friend

I. Gone, O gentle heart and true, Friend of hopes foregone, Hopes and hopeful days with you Gone? Days of […]

A Baby’s Death

A little soul scarce fledged for earth Takes wing with heaven again for goal Even while we hailed as fresh […]

A Ballad of Burdens

The burden of fair women. Vain delight, And love self-slain in some sweet shameful way, And sorrowful old age that […]


From the depth of the dreamy decline of the dawn through a notable nimbus of nebulous noonshine, Pallid and pink […]

The Roundel

A roundel is wrought as a ring or a starbright sphere, With craft of delight and with cunning of sound […]

Beaumont and Fletcher

An hour ere sudden sunset fired the west, Arose two stars upon the pale deep east. The hall of heaven […]

Not A Child

‘Not a child: I call myself a boy,’ Says my king, with accent stern yet mild, Now nine years have […]

Death And Birth

Death and birth should dwell not near together: Wealth keeps house not, even for shame, with dearth: Fate doth ill […]

A Leave-Taking

Let us go hence, my songs; she will not hear. Let us go hence together without fear; Keep silence now, […]

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