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Poems in English

Ben Jonson

Broad-based, broad-fronted, bounteous, multiform, With many a valley impleached with ivy and vine, Wherein the springs of all the streams […]

In San Lorenzo

Is thine hour come to wake, O slumbering Night? Hath not the Dawn a message in thine ear? Though thou […]

Mater Dolorosa

Who is this that sits by the way, by the wild wayside, In a rent stained raiment, the robe of […]


Between the green bud and the red Youth sat and sang by Time, and shed From eyes and tresses flowers […]

Four Songs Of Four Seasons

I. WINTER IN NORTHUMBERLAND OUTSIDE the garden The wet skies harden; The gates are barred on The summer side: “Shut […]

An Appeal

Art thou indeed among these, Thou of the tyrannous crew, The kingdoms fed upon blood, O queen from of old […]

A Flower-Piece By Fantin

Heart’s ease or pansy, pleasure or thought, Which would the picture give us of these? Surely the heart that conceived […]


SORROW, on wing through the world for ever, Here and there for awhile would borrow Rest, if rest might haply […]

Plus Intra

Soul within sense, immeasurable, obscure, Insepulchred and deathless, through the dense Deep elements may scarce be felt as pure Soul […]

A Watch In The Night

Watchman, what of the night? – Storm and thunder and rain, Lights that waver and wane, Leaving the watchfires unlit. […]

Armand Barbes

Fire out of heaven, a flower of perfect fire, That where the roots of life are had its root And […]

Super Flumina Babylonis

By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept, Remembering thee, That for ages of agony hast endured, and […]

Mater Triumphalis

Mother of man’s time-travelling generations, Breath of his nostrils, heartblood of his heart, God above all Gods worshipped of all […]

Wasted Love

What shall be done for sorrow With love whose race is run? Where help is none to borrow, What shall […]


Reconciled by death’s mild hand, that giving Peace gives wisdom, not more strong than mild, Love beholds them, each without […]

In the Bay

I Beyond the hollow sunset, ere a star Take heart in heaven from eastward, while the west, Fulfilled of watery […]


A baby shines as bright If winter or if May be On eyes that keep in sight A baby. Though […]

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