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My Felisberto

My felisberto is handsomer than your mergotroid, Although, admittedly, your mergotroid may be the wiser of the two. Whereas your […]

Shut Up And Eat Your Toad

The disorganization to which I currently belong Has skipped several meetings in a row Which is a pattern I find […]

Happy As The Day Is Long

I take the long walk up the staircase to my secret room. Today’s big news: they found Amelia Earhart’s shoe, […]


This is the hardest part: When I came back to life I was a good family dog And not too […]

More Later, Less The Same

The common is unusually calm they captured the storm Last night, it’s sleeping in the stockade, relieved Of its duty, […]

A Knock On The Door

They ask me if I’ve ever thought about the end of The world, and I say, “Come in, come in, […]

Dream On

Some people go their whole lives Without ever writing a single poem. Extraordinary people who don’t hesitate To cut somebody’s […]

Goodtime Jesus

Jesus got up one day a little later than usual. He had been dream- Ing so deep there was nothing […]

Like A Scarf

The directions to the lunatic asylum were confusing, More likely they were the random associations And confused ramblings of a […]

Never Again The Same

Speaking of sunsets, Last night’s was shocking. I mean, sunsets aren’t supposed to frighten you, are they? Well, this one […]

Upon A Wasp Chilled With Cold

The bear that breathes the northern blast Did numb, torpedo-like, a wasp Whose stiffened limbs encramped, lay bathing In Sol’s […]

The Wrong Way Home

All night a door floated down the river. It tried to remember little incidents of pleasure From its former life, […]

Success Comes To Cow Creek

I sit on the tracks, A hundred feet from Earth, fifty from the Water. Gerald is Inching toward me As […]

Restless Leg Syndrome

After the burial We returned to our units And assumed our poses. Our posture was the new posture And not […]

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