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This is the hardest part:
When I came back to life
I was a good family dog
And not too friendly to strangers.
I got a thirty-five dollar raise
In salary, and through the pea-soup fogs
I drove the General, and introduced him
At rallies. I had a totalitarian approach
And was a massive boost to his popularity.
I did my best to reduce the number of people.
The local bourgeoisie did not exist.
One of them was a mystic
And walked right over me
As if I were a bed of hot coals.
This is par for the course-
I will be employing sundry golf metaphors
Henceforth, because a dog, best friend
And chief advisor to the General, should.
While dining with the General I said,
“Let’s play the back nine in a sacred rage.
Let’s tee-off over the foredoomed community
And putt ourselves thunderously, touching bottom.”
He drank it all in, rugged and dusky.
I think I know what he was thinking.
He held his automatic to my little head
And recited a poem about my many weaknesses,
For which I loved him so.

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Poem Loyalty - Edward Taylor