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He Has Lived In Many Houses

furnished rooms, flats, a hayloft,
A tent, motels, under a table,
Under an overturned rowboat, in a villa (briefly) but not,
As yet, a yurt. In these places
He has slept, eaten,
Put his forehead to the window glass,
Looking out. He’s in a stilt-house now,
The water passing beneath him half the day;
The other half it’s mud. The tides
Do this: they come, they go,
While he sleeps, eats, puts his forehead
To the window glass.
He’s moving soon: his trailer to a trailer park,
Or to the priory to live among the penitents
But in his own cell,
With wheels, to take him, when it’s time
To go, to: boathouse, houseboat
With a little motor, putt-putt,
To take him across the sea
Or down the river
Where at night, anchored by a sandbar
At the bend,
He will eat, sleep, and press his eyelids
To the window
Of the pilothouse
Until the anchor-hauling hour
When he’ll embark again
Toward his sanctuary, harborage, saltbox,

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Poem He Has Lived In Many Houses - Thomas Lux