English poetry

Poems in English

Motel Seedy

The artisans of this room, who designed the lamp base (a huge red slug with a hole Where its heart […]


One sweet pound of filet mignon Sizzles on the roadside. Let’s say a hundred yards below The buzzard. The buzzard […]

A Library Of Skulls

Shelves and stacks and shelves of skulls, a Dewey Decimal number inked on each unfurrowed forehead. Here’s a skull Who, […]

Refrigerator, 1957

More like a vault you pull the handle out And on the shelves: not a lot, And what there is […]

Torn Shades

How, in the first place, did They get torn-pulled down hard Too many times: to hide a blow, Or sex, […]

A Little Tooth

Your baby grows a tooth, then two, And four, and five, then she wants some meat Directly from the bone. […]


What I love about this little leaning mark Is how it divides Without divisiveness. The left Or bottom side prying […]

A Kiss

One wave falling forward meets another wave falling Forward. Well-water, Hand-hauled, mineral, cool, could be A kiss, or pastures Fiery […]

Gorgeous Surfaces

They are, the surfaces, gorgeous: a master Pastry chef at work here, the dips and whorls, The wrist-twist Squeezes of […]

Henry Clay’s Mouth

Senator, statesman, speaker of the House, Exceptional dancer, slim, Graceful, ugly. Proclaimed, before most, slavery An evil, broker Of elections […]

He Has Lived In Many Houses

furnished rooms, flats, a hayloft, A tent, motels, under a table, Under an overturned rowboat, in a villa (briefly) but […]