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Morning along Shore

Hark, oh hark the elfin laughter All the little waves along, As if echoes speeding after Mocked a merry merman’s […]

The Old Man's Grave

Make it where the winds may sweep Through the pine boughs soft and deep, And the murmur of the sea […]

Two Loves

One said; “Lo, I would walk hand-clasped with thee Adown the ways of joy and sunlit slopes Of earthly song […]

The Wood Pool

Here is a voice that soundeth low and far And lyric­voice of wind among the pines, Where the untroubled, glimmering […]


I With you I shall ever be; Over land and sea My thoughts will companion you; With yours shall my […]

When the Dark Comes Down

When the dark comes down, oh, the wind is on the sea With lisping laugh and whimper to the red […]

A Day Off

Let us put awhile away All the cares of work-a-day, For a golden time forget, Task and worry, toil and […]

For Little Things

Last night I looked across the hills And through an arch of darkling pine Low-swung against a limpid west I […]

Spring Song

Hark, I hear a robin calling! List, the wind is from the south! And the orchard-bloom is falling Sweet as […]

The Truce of Night

Lo, it is dark, Save for the crystal spark Of a virgin star o’er the purpling lea, Or the fine, […]

Memory Pictures

I A wide-spring meadow in a rosy dawn Bedropt with virgin buds; an orient sky Fleeced with a dappled cloud […]

At the Long Sault

A prisoner under the stars I lie, With no friend near; To-morrow they lead me forth to die, The stake […]

Among the Pines

Here let us linger at will and delightsomely hearken Music aeolian of wind in the boughs of pine, Timbrel of […]

The Old Home Calls

Come back to me, little dancing feet that roam the wide world o’er, I long for the lilt of your […]

The Poet's Thought

It came to him in rainbow dreams, Blent with the wisdom of the sages, Of spirit and of passion born; […]

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