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A Request

When I am dead I would that ye make my bed On that low-lying, windy waste by the sea, Where […]

The Mother

Here I lean over you, small son, sleeping Warm in my arms, And I con to my heart all your […]

The Farewell

He rides away with sword and spur, Garbed in his warlike blazonry, With gallant glance and smile for her Upon […]

The Call of the Winds

Ho, come out with the wind of spring, And step it blithely in woodlands waking; Friend am I of each […]

The Gulls

I Soft is the sky in the mist-kirtled east, Light is abroad on the sea, All of the heaven with […]

To My Enemy

Let those who will of friendship sing, And to its guerdon grateful be, But I a lyric garland bring To […]

Song of the Sea-Wind

When the sun sets over the long blue wave I spring from my couch of rest, And I hurtle and […]

Rain on the Hill

Now on the hill The fitful wind is so still That never a wimpling mist uplifts, Nor a trembling leaf […]

An Autumn Evening

Dark hills against a hollow crocus sky Scarfed with its crimson pennons, and below The dome of sunset long, hushed […]

On the Bay

When the salt wave laps on the long, dim shore, And frets the reef with its windy sallies, And the […]

In Port

Out of the fires of the sunset come we again to our own­ We have girdled the world in our […]

By an Autumn Fire

Now at our casement the wind is shrilling, Poignant and keen And all the great boughs of the pines between […]

Rain Along Shore

Wan white mists upon the sea, East wind harping mournfully All the sunken reefs along, Wail and heart-break in its […]


Only a long, low-lying lane That follows to the misty sea, Across a bare and russet plain Where wild winds […]

A Winter Dawn

Above the marge of night a star still shines, And on the frosty hills the sombre pines Harbor an eerie […]

At Nightfall

The dark is coming o’er the world, my playmate, And the fields where poplars stand are very still, All our […]

The Forest Path

Oh, the charm of idle dreaming Where the dappled shadows dance, All the leafy aisles are teeming With the lure […]

Midnight in Camp

Night in the unslumbering forest! From the free, Vast pinelands by the foot of man untrod, Blows the wild wind, […]

An April Night

The moon comes up o’er the deeps of the woods, And the long, low dingles that hide in the hills, […]

The Sea to the Shore

Lo, I have loved thee long, long have I yearned and entreated! Tell me how I may win thee, tell […]

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