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Off to the Fishing Ground

There’s a piping wind from a sunrise shore Blowing over a silver sea, There’s a joyous voice in the lapsing […]

Before Storm

There’s a grayness over the harbor like fear on the face of a woman, The sob of the waves has […]

Shore Twilight

Lo, find we here when the ripe day is o’er A kingdom of enchantment by the shore! Behold the sky […]

If Mary Had Known

If Mary had known When she held her Babe’s hands in her own­ Little hands that were tender and white […]

The Christmas Night

Wrapped was the world in slumber deep, By seaward valley and cedarn steep, And bright and blest were the dreams […]

I Feel (Verse Libre)

I feel Very much Like taking Its unholy perpetrators By the hair Of their heads (If they have any hair) […]

While the Fates Sleep

Come, let us to the sunways of the west, Hasten, while crystal dews the rose-cups fill, Let us dream dreams […]

The Voyagers

We shall launch our shallop on waters blue from some dim primrose shore, We shall sail with the magic of […]

A Day in the Open

Ho, a day Whereon we may up and away, With a fetterless wind that is out on the downs, And […]

The Rovers

Over the fields we go, through the sweets of the purple clover, That letters a message for us as for […]

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