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In The Naked Bed, In Plato's Cave

In the naked bed, in Plato’s cave, Reflected headlights slowly slid the wall, Carpenters hammered under the shaded window, Wind […]

Occasional Poems

I Christmas Poem for Nancy Noel, Noel We live and we die Between heaven and hell Between the earth and […]

Late Autumn In Venice

(After Rilke) The city floats no longer like a bait To hook the nimble darting summer days. The glazed and […]

Cambridge, Spring 1937

At last the air fragrant, the bird’s bubbling whistle Succinct in the unknown unsettled trees: O little Charles, beside the […]


I looked toward the movie, the common dream, The he and she in close-ups, nearer than life, And I accepted […]

O Love, Sweet Animal

O Love, dark animal, With your strangeness go Like any freak or clown: Appease tee child in her Because she […]

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