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What Is To Be Given

What is to be given, Is spirit, yet animal, Colored, like heaven, Blue, yellow, beautiful. The blood is checkered by […]

The Sin Of Hamlet

The horns in the harbor booming, vaguely, Fog, forgotten, yesterday, conclusion, Nostalgic, noising dim sorrow, calling To sleep is it? […]

To Helen

(After Valery) O Sea! … ‘Tis I, risen from death once more To hear the waves’ harmonious roar And see […]

Faust In Old Age

“Poet and veteran of childhood, look! See in me the obscene, for you have love, For you have hatred, you, […]

The Poet

The riches of the poet are equal to his poetry His power is his left hand It is idle weak […]

By Circumstances Fed

By circumstances fed Which divide attention Among the living and the dead, Under the blooms of the blossoming sun, The […]

All Night, All Night

“I have been one acquainted with the night” – Robert Frost Rode in the train all night, in the sick […]

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