English poetry

Poems in English

Spring Thunder

Listen, The wind is still, And far away in the night See! The uplands fill With a running light. Open […]

Nothing Stays

Nothing stays Not even change, That can grow tired Of it’s own name; The very thought Too much for it. […]

Born Brothers

Equality is absolute or no. Nothing between can stand. We are the sons Of the same sire, or madness breaks […]

Dunce Songs : 9

Love me little, love me long, Then we neither can be wrong: You in giving, I in taking; There is […]

Morning Worship

I wake and hearing it raining. Were I dead, what would I give Lazily to lie here, Like this, and […]

Our Lady Peace

How far is it to peace, the piper sighed, The solitary, sweating as he paused. Asphalt the noon; the ravens, […]

After Long Drought

After long drought, commotion in the sky; After dead silence, thunder. Then it comes, The rain. It slashes leaves, and […]

He Loves Me

That God should love me is more wonderful Than that I so imperfectly love him. My reason is mortality, and […]

The Deepest Dream

The deepest dream is of mad governors, Down, down we feel it, till the very crust Of the world cracks, […]

Farewell and Thanksgiving

Whatever I have left unsaid When I am dead O’muse forgive me. You were always there, Like light, like air. […]