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Poems in English

Deaf Martha

Poor Martha is old, and her hair is turn’d grey, And her hearing has left her for many a year; […]

Jane and Eliza

There were two little girls, neither handsome nor plain; One’s name was Eliza, the other’s was Jane: They were both […]

The Cut

Well, what’s the matter? there’s a face What! has it cut a vein? And is it quite a shocking place? […]

The Chatterbox

From morning till night it was Lucy’s delight To chatter and talk without stopping: There was not a day but […]

The Vulgar Little Lady

“But, mamma, now, ” said Charlotte, “pray, don’t you believe That I’m better than Jenny, my nurse? Only see my […]

A True Story

Little Ann and her mother were walking one day Through London’s wide city so fair, And business obliged them to […]

The Pin

“Dear me! what signifies a pin! I’ll leave it on the floor; My pincushion has others in, Mamma has plenty […]

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