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My Soul Thirsteth for God

I thirst, but not as once I did, The vain delights of earth to share; Thy wounds, Emmanuel, all forbid […]

Walking With God

(Genesis, v.24) Oh! for a closer walk with God, A calm and heavenly frame; A light to shine upon the […]


The billows swell, the winds are high, Clouds overcast my wintry sky; Out of the depths to Thee I call, […]

The Shining Light

My former hopes are fled, My terror now begins; I feel, alas! that I am dead In trespasses and sins. […]

Jesus Hasting to Suffer

The Saviour, what a noble flame Was kindled in his breast, When hasting to Jerusalem, He march’d before the rest. […]

Grace and Providence

Almighty King! whose wondrous hand Supports the weight of sea and land; Whose grace is such a boundless store, No […]

Welcome to the Table

This is the feast of heavenly wine, And God invites to sup; The juices of the living Vine Were press’d […]

O Lord, I Will Praise Thee

(Isaiah, xii.1) I will praise Thee every day Now Thine anger’s turn’d away; Comfortable thoughts arise From the bleeding sacrifice. […]

Ephraim Repenting

(Jeremiah, xxxi. 18-20) My God, till I received Thy stroke, How like a beast was I! So unaccustom’d to the […]

The Retired Cat

A poet’s cat, sedate and grave As poet well could wish to have, Was much addicted to inquire For nooks […]

Old Testament Gospel

(Hebrews, iv.2) Israel in ancient days Not only had a view Of Sinai in a blaze, But learn’d the Gospel […]

Lovest Thou Me?

(John, xxi.16) Hark my soul! it is the Lord; ‘Tis Thy Saviour, hear His word; Jesus speaks and speaks to […]

Praise for Faith

Of all the gifts Thine hand bestows, Thou Giver of all good! Not heaven itself a richer knows Than my […]

Seeking the Beloved

To those who love the Lord I speak; Is my Beloved near? The Bridegroom of my soul I seek, Oh! […]

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