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(Ezekiel, xlviii.35) As birds their infant brood protect, And spread their wings to shelter them, Thus saith the Lord to […]

The Christian

Honor and happiness unite To make the Christian’s name a praise; How fair the scene, how clear the light, That […]

The New Convert

The new-born child of gospel grace, Like some fair tree when summer’s nigh, Beneath Emmanuel’s shining face Lifts up his […]

Pleading for and with Youth

Sin has undone our wretched race; But Jesus has restored, And brought the sinner face to face With his forgiving […]

The Poplar Field

The poplars are felled, farewell to the shade And the whispering sound of the cool colonnade: The winds play no […]

Prayer for Patience

Lord, who hast suffer’d all for me, My peace and pardon to procure, The lighter cross I bear for Thee, […]

Exhortation to Prayer

What various hindrances we meet In coming to a mercy seat! Yet who that knows the worth of prayer, But […]


O Lord, my best desire fulfil, And help me to resign Life, health, and comfort to Thy will, And make […]

Looking Upwards in a Storm

God of my life, to Thee I call, Afflicted at Thy feet I fall; When the great water-floods prevail, Leave […]

True and False Comforts

O God, whose favorable eye, The sin-sick soul revives, Holy and heavenly is the joy Thy shining presence gives. Not […]

Prayer for Children

Gracious Lord, our children see, By Thy mercy we are free; But shall these, alas! remain Subjects still of Satan’s […]

Hatred of Sin

Holy Lord God! I love Thy truth, Nor dare Thy least commandment slight; Yet pierced by sin the serpent’s tooth, […]

My Soul Thirsteth for God

I thirst, but not as once I did, The vain delights of earth to share; Thy wounds, Emmanuel, all forbid […]

Walking With God

(Genesis, v.24) Oh! for a closer walk with God, A calm and heavenly frame; A light to shine upon the […]


The billows swell, the winds are high, Clouds overcast my wintry sky; Out of the depths to Thee I call, […]

The Shining Light

My former hopes are fled, My terror now begins; I feel, alas! that I am dead In trespasses and sins. […]

Jesus Hasting to Suffer

The Saviour, what a noble flame Was kindled in his breast, When hasting to Jerusalem, He march’d before the rest. […]

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