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The Hidden Life

To tell the Saviour all my wants, How pleasing is the task! Nor less to praise Him when He grants […]

The Waiting Soul

Breathe from the gentle south, O Lord, And cheer me from the north; Blow on the treasures of thy word, […]

To Mary

The twentieth year is well nigh past Since first our sky was overcast;- Ah would that this might be the […]


(Phillipians, iv.11) Fierce passions discompose the mind, As tempests vex the sea, But calm, content and peace we find, When, […]

Welcome Cross

‘Tis my happiness below Not to live without the cross, But the Saviour’s power to know, Sanctifying every loss; Trials […]

Vanity of the World

God gives his mercies to be spent; Your hoard will do your soul no good. Gold is a blessing only […]

On the Death of a Minister

His master taken from his head, Elisha saw him go; And in desponding accents said, “Ah, what must Israel do?” […]

Mourning and Longing

The Saviour hides His face; My spirit thirsts to prove Renew’d supplies of pardoning grace, And never-fading love. The favor’d […]


Dear Lord! accept a sinful heart, Which of itself complains, And mourns, with much and frequent smart, The evil it […]

The Sower

(Matthew, xiii.3) Ye sons of earth prepare the plough, Break up your fallow ground; The sower is gone forth to […]

Praise for the Fountain Opened

(Zecheriah, xiii.1) There is a fountain fill’d with blood, Drawn from Emmanuel’s veins; And sinners, plunged beneath that flood, Lose […]

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