English poetry

Poems in English

Song from Aella

O SING unto my roundelay, O drop the briny tear with me; Dance no more at holyday, Like a running […]


Eclogue the First. Whanne Englonde, smeethynge from her lethal wounde, From her galled necke dyd twytte the chayne awaie, Kennynge […]


Begin, my muse, the imitative lay, Aonian doxies sound the thrumming string; Attempt no number of the plaintive Gay, Let […]

A Hymn for Christmas Day

Almighty Framer of the Skies! O let our pure devotion rise, Like Incense in thy Sight! Wrapt in impenetrable Shade […]

The Copernican System

The Sun revolving on his axis turns, And with creative fire intensely burns; Impell’d by forcive air, our Earth supreme, […]

Colin Instructed

Young Colin was as stout a boy As ever gave a maiden joy; But long in vain he told his […]

A New Song

Ah blame me not, Catcott, if from the right way My notions and actions run far. How can my ideas […]

The Resignation

O God, whose thunder shakes the sky, Whose eye this atom globe surveys, To thee, my only rock, I fly, […]

The Death of Nicou

On Tiber’s banks, Tiber, whose waters glide In slow meanders down to Gaigra’s side; And circling all the horrid mountain […]