English poetry

Poems in English

Gloomily the Clouds

Gloomily the clouds are sailing O’er the dimly moonlit sky; Dolefully the wind is wailing; Not another sound is nigh; […]

The Doubter’s Prayer

Eternal Power, of earth and air! Unseen, yet seen in all around, Remote, but dwelling everywhere, Though silent, heard in […]

If This Be All

O God! if this indeed be all That Life can show to me; If on my aching brow may fall […]


How brightly glistening in the sun The woodland ivy plays! While yonder beeches from their barks Reflect his silver rays. […]

The Bluebell

A fine and subtle spirit dwells In every little flower, Each one its own sweet feeling breathes With more or […]

A Word To The Calvinists

You may rejoice to think yourselves secure, You may be grateful for the gift divine, That grace unsought which made […]

Severed and Gone

Severed and gone, so many years! And art thou still so dear to me, That throbbing heart and burning tears […]

The Penitent

I mourn with thee and yet rejoice That thou shouldst sorrow so; With Angel choirs I join my voice To […]