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Poems in English

Silver Filigree

The icicles wreathing On trees in festoon Swing, swayed to our breathing: They’re made of the moon. She’s a pale, […]

Phases of the Moon

Once upon a time I heard That the flying moon was a Phoenix bird; Thus she sails through windy skies, […]


I shall die hidden in a hut In the middle of an alder wood, With the back door blind and […]

Blood Feud

Once, when my husband was a child, there came To his father’s table, one who called him kin, In sunbleached […]

The Falcon

Why should my sleepy heart be taught To whistle mocking-bird replies? This is another bird you’ve caught, Soft-feathered, with a […]


Beauty has a tarnished dress, And a patchwork cloak of cloth Dipped deep in mournfulness, Striped like a moth. Wet […]

A Proud Lady

Hate in the world’s hand Can carve and set its seal Like the strong blast of sand Which cuts into […]

Sunset on the Spire

All that I dream By day or night Lives in that stream Of lovely light. Here is the earth, And […]


Too high, too high to pluck My heart shall swing. A fruit no bee shall suck, No wasp shall sting. […]

Little Joke

Stripping an almond tree in flower The wise apothecary’s skill A single drop of lethal power From perfect sweetness can […]

Les Lauriers Sont Coupée

Ah, love, within the shadow of the wood The laurels are cut down; some other brows May bear the classic […]

Wild Peaches

1 When the world turns completely upside down You say we’ll emigrate to the Eastern Shore Aboard a river-boat from […]

Spring Pastoral

Liza, go steep your long white hands In the cool waters of that spring Which bubbles up through shiny sands […]

The Pekingese

For a picture This Pekingese, that makes the sand-grains spin, Is digging little tunnels to Pekin: Dream him emerging in […]

The Crooked Stick

First Traveller: What’s that lying in the dust? Second Traveller: A crooked stick. First Traveller: What’s it worth, if you […]

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