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The Poor Old Cannon

Upbroke the sun In red-gold foam; Thus spoke the gun At the Soldier’s Home: “Whenever I hear Blue thunder speak […]

The Fairy Goldsmith

Here’s a wonderful thing, A humming-bird’s wing In hammered gold, And store well chosen Of snowflakes frozen In crystal cold. […]

The Child on the Curbstone

The headlights raced; the moon, death-faced, Stared down on that golden river. I saw through the smoke the scarlet cloak […]

The Lion and the Lamb

I saw a Tiger’s golden flank, I saw what food he ate, By a desert spring he drank; The Tiger’s […]

A Crowded Trolley-Car

The rain’s cold grains are silver-gray Sharp as golden sands, A bell is clanging, people sway Hanging by their hands. […]


Say not of beauty she is good, Or aught but beautiful, Or sleek to doves’ wings of the wood Her […]


My locks are shorn for sorrow Of love which may not be; Tomorrow and tomorrow Are plotting cruelty. The winter […]


A white well In a black cave; A bright shell In a dark wave. A white rose Black brambles hood; […]


Why should this Negro insolently stride Down the red noonday on such noiseless feet? Piled in his barrow, tawnier than […]

Love Song

Lovers eminent in love Ever diversities combine; The vocal chords of the cushat-dove, The snake’s articulated spine. Such elective elements […]

The Church-Bell

As I was lying in my bed I heard the church-bell ring; Before one solemn word was said A bird […]


Let us quarrel for these reasons: You detest the salt which seasons My speech. . . and all my lights […]

The Puritan’s Ballad

My love came up from Barnegat, The sea was in his eyes; He trod as softly as a cat And […]

Winter Sleep

When against earth a wooden heel Clicks as loud as stone on steel, When stone turns flour instead of flakes, […]


You are a rose, but set with sharpest spine; You are a pretty bird that pecks at me; You are […]


I was always afraid of Somes’s Pond: Not the little pond, by which the willow stands, Where laughing boys catch […]

Primavera in the North

She has danced for leagues and leagues, Over thorns and thistles, Prancing to a tune of Griegg’s Performed on willow […]

Bells in the Rain

Sleep falls, with limpid drops of rain, Upon the steep cliffs of the town. Sleep falls; men are at peace […]

Curious Circumstance

The sailorman’s child And the girl of the witch They can’t be defiled By touching pitch. The sailorman’s son Had […]

The Prinkin’ Leddie

The Hielan’ lassies are a’ for spinnin’, The Lowlan’ lassies for prinkin’ and pinnin’; My daddie w’u’d chide me, an’ […]

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