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The Three Voices

The First Voice HE trilled a carol fresh and free, He laughed aloud for very glee: There came a breeze […]

A Sea Dirge

There are certain things as, a spider, a ghost, The income-tax, gout, an umbrella for three That I hate, but […]

Size and Tears

When on the sandy shore I sit, Beside the salt sea-wave, And fall into a weeping fit Because I dare […]

Tema con Variazioni

Why is it that Poetry has never yet been subjected to that process of Dilution which has proved so advantageous […]


Man Naturally loves delay, And to procrastinate; Business put off from day to day Is always done to late. Let […]


With saddest music all day long She soothed her secret sorrow: At night she sighed “I fear ’twas wrong Such […]

Little Birds

Little Birds are dining Warily and well, Hid in mossy cell: Hid, I say, by waiters Gorgeous in their gaiters […]

Lays of Sorrow

The day was wet, the rain fell souse Like jars of strawberry jam, [1] a Sound was heard in the […]

A Nursery Darling

A Mother’s breast: Safe refuge from her childish fears, From childish troubles, childish tears, Mists that enshroud her dawning years! […]

The Hunting Of The Snark

Dedication Inscribed to a dear Child: In memory of golden summer hours And whispers of a summer sea. Girt with […]

The White Knight’s Song

‘Haddock’s Eyes’ or ‘The Aged Aged Man’ or ‘Ways and Means’ or ‘A-Sitting On A Gate’ I’ll tell thee everything […]

Ye Carpette Knyghte

I have a horse – a ryghte good horse – Ne doe Y envye those Who scoure ye playne yn […]

Four Riddles

I There was an ancient City, stricken down With a strange frenzy, and for many a day They paced from […]

A Strange Wild Song

He thought he saw an Elephant That practised on a fife: He looked again, and found it was A letter […]

Rules and Regulations

A short direction To avoid dejection, By variations In occupations, And prolongation Of relaxation, And combinations Of recreations, And disputation […]

The Voice of the Lobster

”Tis the voice of the Lobster: I heard him declare ‘You have baked me too brown, I must sugar my […]

You Are Old, Father William

“You are old, Father william,” the young man said, “And your hair has become very white; And yet you incessantly […]

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