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Four Riddles

I There was an ancient City, stricken down With a strange frenzy, and for many a day They paced from […]

A Strange Wild Song

He thought he saw an Elephant That practised on a fife: He looked again, and found it was A letter […]

Rules and Regulations

A short direction To avoid dejection, By variations In occupations, And prolongation Of relaxation, And combinations Of recreations, And disputation […]

The Voice of the Lobster

”Tis the voice of the Lobster: I heard him declare ‘You have baked me too brown, I must sugar my […]

You Are Old, Father William

“You are old, Father william,” the young man said, “And your hair has become very white; And yet you incessantly […]

A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky

A BOAT beneath a sunny sky, Lingering onward dreamily In an evening of July Children three that nestle near, Eager […]

A Game of Fives

Five little girls, of Five, Four, Three, Two, One: Rolling on the hearthrug, full of tricks and fun. Five rosy […]


Little maidens, when you look On this little story-book, Reading with attentive eye Its enticing history, Never think that hours […]

The Lang Coortin’

The ladye she stood at her lattice high, Wi’ her doggie at her feet; Thorough the lattice she can spy […]


‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe. All mimsy were the borogoves, And the […]

Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur

“How shall I be a poet? How shall I write in rhyme? You told me once the very wish Partook […]

All In The Golden Afternoon

All in the golden afternoon Full leisurely we glide; For both our oars, with little skill, By little arms are […]

The Lobster Quadrille

“Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail, “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s […]

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