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STILL as the holy of holies breathes the vast, Within its crystal depths the stars grow dim; Fire on the […]

The Hour of the King

WHO would think this quiet breather From the world had taken flight? Yet within the form we see there Wakes […]

Natural Magic

WE air tired who follow after Phantasy and truth that flies: You with only look and laughter Stain our hearts […]


AS from our dream we died away Far off I felt the outer things; Your wind-blown tresses round me play, […]


WHERE are now the dreams divine, Fires that lit the dawning soul, As the ruddy colours shine Through an opal […]


THE HERO first thought it To him ’twas a deed: To those who retaught it, A chain on their speed. […]

Divine Visitation

THE HEAVENS lay hold on us: the starry rays Fondle with flickering fingers brow and eyes: A new enchantment lights […]

The Voice of the Waters

WHERE the Greyhound River windeth through a loneliness so deep, Scarce a wild fowl shakes the quiet that the purple […]

In Memoriam

POOR little child, my pretty boy, Why did the hunter mark thee out? Wert thou betrayed by thine own joy? […]

The Spirit of the Gay

WITH the glamour of the Gay How you made our hearts to flame; Gave each life some airy aim: Ever […]


LET us leave our island woods grown dim and blue; O’er the waters creeping the pearl dust of the eve […]


THE SWEETEST song was ever sung May soothe you but a little while: The gayest music ever rung Shall yield […]


WHEN the dawn comes forth I wonder Will our sad, sad hearts awaken, And the grief we laboured under From […]


I HEARD them in their sadness say, “The earth rebukes the thought of God; We are but embers wrapped in […]

Dream Love

I DID not deem it half so sweet To feel thy gentle hand, As in a dream thy soul to […]

A Call of the Sidhe

TARRY thou yet, late lingerer in the twilight’s glory: Gay are the hills with song: earth’s faery children leave More […]


A DIAMOND glow of winter o’er the world: Amid the chilly halo nigh the west Flickers a phantom violet bloom […]


WHEN the soul sought refuge in the place of rest, Overborne by strife and pain beyond control, From some secret […]


MEN have made them gods of love, Sun-gods, givers of the rain, Deities of hill and grove: I have made […]


ERE I lose myself in the vastness and drowse myself with the peace, While I gaze on the light and […]

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