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A Call

DUSK its ash-grey blossoms sheds on violet skies, Over twilight mountains where the heart songs rise, Rise and fall and […]

The Dawn of Darkness

COME earth’s little children pit-pat from their burrows on the hill; Hangs within the gloom its weary head the shining […]


AS flow the rivers to the sea Adown from rocky hill or plain, A thousand ages toiled for thee And […]


DUSK wraps the village in its dim caress; Each chimney’s vapour, like a thin grey rod, Mounting aloft through miles […]

The Hermit

NOW the quietude of earth Nestles deep my heart within; Friendships new and strange have birth Since I left the […]

A Memory

YOU remember, dear, together Two children, you and I, Sat once in the autumn weather, Watching the autumn sky. There […]


OUR true hearts are forever lonely: A wistfulness is in our thought: Our lights are like the dawns which only […]

The Parting of Ways

THE SKIES from black to pearly grey Had veered without a star or sun; Only a burning opal ray Fell […]

The Iron Age

HOW came this pigmy rabble spun, After the gods and kings of old, Upon a tapestry begun With threads of […]

The Garden of God

WITHIN the iron cities One walked unknown for years, In his heart the pity of pities That grew for human […]

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