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The Silence of Love

I COULD praise you once with beautiful words ere you came And entered my life with love in a wind […]

The Vision of Love

THE TWILIGHT fleeted away in pearl on the stream, And night, like a diamond done, stood still in our dream. […]


WELL, when all is said and done Best within my narrow way, May some angel of the sun Muse memorial […]

In Connemara

WITH eyes all untroubled she laughs as she passes, Bending beneath the creel with the seaweed brown, Till evening with […]

Dawn Song

WHILE the earth is dark and grey How I laugh within. I know In my breast what ardours gay From […]


NOT unremembering we pass our exile from the starry ways: One timeless hour in time we caught from the long […]

The Heroes

BY many a dream of God and man my thoughts in shining flocks were led: But as I went through […]

A Return

WE turned back mad from the mystic mountains, All foamed with red and with elfin gold: Up from the heart […]


THE TWINKLING mists of green and gold Afloat in the abyss of air, From out the window high and old […]


TWILIGHT, a timid fawn, went glimmering by, And Night, the dark-blue hunter, followed fast, Ceaseless pursuit and flight were in […]

The Veils of Maya

MOTHER, with whom our lives should be, Not hatred keeps our lives apart: Charmed by some lesser glow in thee, […]


HE bent above: so still her breath What air she breathed he could not say, Whether in worlds of life […]


THE BLUE dusk ran between the streets: my love was winged within my mind, It left to-day and yesterday and […]

The Tide of Sorrow

ON the twilight-burnished hills I lie and long and gaze Where below the grey-lipped sands drink in the flowing tides, […]


A MAN went forth one day at eve: The long day’s toil for him was done: The eye that scanned […]

A Summer Night

HER mist of primroses within her breast Twilight hath folded up, and o’er the west, Seeking remoter valleys long hath […]

The Faces of Memory

DREAM faces bloom around your face Like flowers upon one stem; The heart of many a vanished race Sighs as […]

The Man to the Angel

I HAVE wept a million tears: Pure and proud one, where are thine, What the gain though all thy years […]

The Free

THEY bathed in the fire-flooded fountains: Life girdled them round and about: They slept in the clefts of the mountains: […]

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