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WHEN twilight flutters the mountains over, The faery lights from the earth unfold: And over the caves enchanted hover The […]


THE MIGHT that shaped itself through storm and stress In chaos, here is lulled in breathing sweet; Under the long […]


TWILIGHT, a blossom grey in shadowy valleys dwells: Under the radiant dark the deep blue-tinted bells In quietness reГЇmage heaven […]


HERE where the loves of others close The vision of my heart begins. The wisdom that within us grows Is […]


THE CHILDREN were shouting together And racing along the sands, A glimmer of dancing shadows, A dovelike flutter of hands. […]

The Virgin Mother

WHO is that goddess to whom men should pray, But her from whom their hearts have turned away, Out of […]

The Master Singer

A LAUGHTER in the diamond air, a music in the trembling grass; And one by one the words of light […]

The Child of Destiny

THIS is the hero-heart of the enchanted isle, Whom now the twilight children tenderly enfold, Pat with their pearly palms […]


NOW the rooftree of the midnight spreading, Buds in citron, green, and blue: From afar its mystic odours shedding, Child, […]

Star Teachers

EVEN as a bird sprays many-coloured fires, The plumes of paradise, the dying light Rays through the fevered air in […]

A New Being

I KNOW myself no more, my child, Since thou art come to me, Pity so tender and so wild Hath […]

A Midnight Meditation

HOW often have I said, “We may not grieve for the immortal dead.” And now, poor blenchèd heart, Thy ruddy […]

Light and Dark

NOT the soul that’s whitest Wakens love the sweetest: When the heart is lightest Oft the charm is fleetest. While […]

On a Hill-top

BEARDED with dewy grass the mountains thrust Their blackness high into the still grey light, Deepening to blue: far up […]

An Irish Face

NOT her own sorrow only that hath place Upon yon gentle face. Too slight have been her childhood’s years to […]

A Woman’s Voice

HIS head within my bosom lay, But yet his spirit slipped not through: I only felt the burning clay That […]


OUT of the dusky chamber of the brain Flows the imperial will through dream on dream: The fires of life […]


I AM the tender voice calling “Away,” Whispering between the beatings of the heart, And inaccessible in dewy eyes I […]

Unknown God

FAR up the dim twilight fluttered Moth-wings of vapour and flame: The lights danced over the mountains, Star after star […]

Our Thrones Decay

I SAID my pleasure shall not move; It is not fixed in things apart: Seeking not love-but yet to love- […]

The Dream

I WOKE to find my pillow wet With the tears for deeds deep hid in sleep. I knew no sorrow […]

The Joy of Earth

OH, the sudden wings arising from the ploughed fields brown Showered aloft in spray of song the wild-bird twitter floats […]

The Place of Rest

UNTO the deep the deep heart goes, It lays its sadness nigh the breast: Only the Mighty Mother knows The […]


I WILL not follow you, my bird, I will not follow you. I would not breathe a word, my bird, […]

The Weaver of Souls

WHO is this unseen messenger For ever between me and her, Who brings love’s precious merchandise, The golden breath, the […]

The Silence of Love

I COULD praise you once with beautiful words ere you came And entered my life with love in a wind […]

The Vision of Love

THE TWILIGHT fleeted away in pearl on the stream, And night, like a diamond done, stood still in our dream. […]


WELL, when all is said and done Best within my narrow way, May some angel of the sun Muse memorial […]

In Connemara

WITH eyes all untroubled she laughs as she passes, Bending beneath the creel with the seaweed brown, Till evening with […]

Dawn Song

WHILE the earth is dark and grey How I laugh within. I know In my breast what ardours gay From […]

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