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My Philosophy of Life

Just when I thought there wasn’t room enough For another thought in my head, I had this great idea Call […]


The man with the red hat And the polar bear, is he here too? The window giving on shade, Is […]


Orpheus liked the glad personal quality Of the things beneath the sky. Of course, Eurydice was a part Of this. […]

Daffy Duck In Hollywood

Something strange is creeping across me. La Celestina has only to warble the first few bars Of “I Thought about […]

Just Walking Around

What name do I have for you? Certainly there is not name for you In the sense that the stars […]

For John Clare

Kind of empty in the way it sees everything, the earth gets to its feet andsalutes the sky. More of […]

Into the Dusk-Charged Air

Far from the Rappahannock, the silent Danube moves along toward the sea. The brown and green Nile rolls slowly Like […]