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The Frog

Comes to mind as another small upheaval Amongst the rubble. His eye matches exactly the bubble In my spirit-level. I […]


I was making my way home late one night This summer, when I staggered Into a snow drift. Her eyes […]

The Sightseers

My father and mother, my brother and sister And I, with uncle Pat, our dour best-loved uncle, Had set out […]


It begins with one or two soldiers And one or two following With hampers over their shoulders. They might be […]

Why Brownlee Left

Why Brownlee left, and where he went, Is a mystery even now. For if a man should have been content […]


Two Workmen were carrying a sheet of asbestos Down the main street of Dingle; It must have been nailed, at […]


Even as we speak, there’s a smoker’s cough From behind the whitethorn hedge: we stop dead in our tracks; A […]


When the master was calling the roll At the primary school in Collegelands, You were meant to call back Anseo […]

Holy Thursday

They’re kindly here, to let us linger so late, Long after the shutters are up. A waiter glides from the […]

The Birth

Seven o’clock. The seventh day of the seventh month of the year. No sooner have I got myself up in […]

Pineapples And Pomegranates

To think that, as a boy of thirteen, I would grapple With my first pineapple, Its exposed breast Setting itself […]


I, too, have trailed my father’s spirit From the mud-walled cabin behind the mountain Where he was born and bred, […]


My eldest sister arrived home that morning In her white muslin evening dress. ‘Who the hell do you think you […]

Promises, Promises

I am stretched out under the lean-to Of an old tobacco-shed On a farm in North Carolina. A cardinal sings […]


He opens the scullery door, and a sudden rush Of wind, as raw as raw, Brushes past him as he […]

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