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The unpurged images of day recede; The Emperor’s drunken soldiery are abed; Night resonance recedes, night walkers’ song After great […]


Now must I these three praise Three women that have wrought What joy is in my days: One because no […]

Crazy Jane Reproved

I care not what the sailors say: All those dreadful thunder-stones, All that storm that blots the day Can but […]

Anashuya And Vijaya

A little Indian temple in the Golden Age. Around it a garden; Around that the forest. Anashuya, the young priestess, […]

Her Dream

I dreamed as in my bed I lay, All night’s fathomless wisdom come, That I had shorn my locks away […]

The Ragged Wood

O hurry where by water among the trees The delicate-stepping stag and his lady sigh, When they have but looked […]

Coole Park, 1929

I meditate upon a swallow’s flight, Upon a aged woman and her house, A sycamore and lime-tree lost in night […]

Two Songs Of A Fool

I A speckled cat and a tame hare Eat at my hearthstone And sleep there; And both look up to […]

Two Years Later

Has no one said those daring Kind eyes should be more learn’d? Or warned you how despairing The moths are […]

Old Tom Again

Things out of perfection sail, And all their swelling canvas wear, Nor shall the self-begotten fail Though fantastic men suppose […]

The Valley Of The Black Pig

The dews drop slowly and dreams gather: unknown spears Suddenly hurtle before my dream-awakened eyes, And then the clash of […]

Supernatural Songs

I. Ribh at the Tomb of Baile and Aillinn Because you have found me in the pitch-dark night With open […]

September 1913

What need you, being come to sense, But fumble in a greasy till And add the halfpence to the pence […]

Stream And Sun At Glendalough

Through intricate motions ran Stream and gliding sun And all my heart seemed gay: Some stupid thing that I had […]

Oil And Blood

In tombs of gold and lapis lazuli Bodies of holy men and women exude Miraculous oil, odour of violet. But […]

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