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I will not reason, wrestle here with you, Though you pursue and worry me about; As well put forth my […]


To clasp you now and feel your head close-pressed, Scented and warm against my beating breast; To whisper soft and […]


For the dim regions whence my fathers came My spirit, bondaged by the body, longs. Words felt, but never heard, […]

To One Coming North

At first you’ll joy to see the playful snow, Like white moths trembling on the tropic air, Or waters of […]

Homing Swallows

Swift swallows sailing from the Spanish main, O rain-birds racing merrily away From hill-tops parched with heat and sultry plain […]

On the Road

Roar of the rushing train fearfully rocking, Impatient people jammed in line for food, The rasping noise of cars together […]

The Wild Goat

O you would clothe me in silken frocks And house me from the cold, And bind with bright bands my […]

Russian Cathedral

Bow down my soul in worship very low And in the holy silences be lost. Bow down before the marble […]

North and South

O sweet are tropic lands for waking dreams! There time and life move lazily along. There by the banks of […]


Now the dead past seems vividly alive, And in this shining moment I can trace, Down through the vista of […]

Birds of Prey

Their shadow dims the sunshine of our day, As they go lumbering across the sky, Squawking in joy of feeling […]

The Lynching

His Spirit in smoke ascended to high heaven. His father, by the cruelest way of pain, Had bidden him to […]

Morning Joy

At night the wide and level stretch of wold, Which at high noon had basked in quiet gold, Far as […]


The sun sought thy dim bed and brought forth light, The sciences were sucklings at thy breast; When all the […]

Wild May

Aleta mentions in her tender letters, Among a chain of quaint and touching things, That you are feeble, weighted down […]

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