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UPON thy purple mat thy body bare Is fine and limber like a tender tree. The motion of thy supple […]

When Dawn Comes to the City

The tired cars go grumbling by, The moaning, groaning cars, And the old milk carts go rumbling by Under the […]

Dawn in New York

The Dawn! The Dawn! The crimson-tinted, comes Out of the low still skies, over the hills, Manhattan’s roofs and spires […]


So much have I forgotten in ten years, So much in ten brief years! I have forgot What time the […]

On Broadway

About me young careless feet Linger along the garish street; Above, a hundred shouting signs Shed down their bright fantastic […]

Winter in the Country

Sweet life! how lovely to be here And feel the soft sea-laden breeze Strike my flushed face, the spruce’s fair […]

French Leave

No servile little fear shall daunt my will This morning. I have courage steeled to say I will be lazy, […]

Song of the Moon

The moonlight breaks upon the city’s domes, And falls along cemented steel and stone, Upon the grayness of a million […]

The Plateau

It was the silver, heart-enveloping view Of the mysterious sea-line far away, Seen only on a gleaming gold-white day, That […]

A Prayer

‘Mid the discordant noises of the day I hear thee calling; I stumble as I fare along Earth’s way; keep […]

Subway Wind

Far down, down through the city’s great, gaunt gut, The gray train rushing bears the weary wind; In the packed […]

A Red Flower

Your lips are like a southern lily red, Wet with the soft rain-kisses of the night, In which the brown […]

The Night-Fire

No engines shrieking rescue storm the night, And hose and hydrant cannot here avail; The flames laugh high and fling […]

The Spanish Needle

Lovely dainty Spanish needle With your yellow flower and white, Dew bedecked and softly sleeping, Do you think of me […]

La Paloma in London

About Soho we went before the light; We went, unresting six, craving new fun, New scenes, new raptures, for the […]

A Memory of June

When June comes dancing o’er the death of May, With scarlet roses tinting her green breast, And mating thrushes ushering […]

One Year After

I Not once in all our days of poignant love, Did I a single instant give to thee My undivided […]

The White House

Your door is shut against my tightened face, And I am sharp as steel with discontent; But I possess the […]


My spirit wails for water, water now! My tongue is aching dry, my throat is hot For water, fresh rain […]

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