English poetry

Poems in English

The Two Streams

Behold the rocky wall That down its sloping sides Pours the swift rain-drops, blending, as they fall, In rushing river-tides! […]


An Unpublished Poem, by my late Latin Tutor. In candent ire the solar splendor flames; The foles, languescent, pend from […]

The Dorchester Giant

THERE was a giant in time of old, A mighty one was he; He had a wife, but she was […]


“Man wants but little here below.” LITTLE I ask; my wants are few; I only wish a hut of stone, […]

The Voiceless

WE count the broken lyres that rest Where the sweet wailing singers slumber, But o’er their silent sister’s breast The […]

The Flower of Liberty

WHAT flower is this that greets the morn, Its hues from Heaven so freshly born? With burning star and flaming […]

The Silent Melody

“BRING me my broken harp,” he said; “We both are wrecks, but as ye will, Though all its ringing tones […]

A Farewell to Agassiz

How the mountains talked together, Looking down upon the weather, When they heard our friend had planned his Little trip […]

The Opening of the Piano

IN the little southern parlor of tbe house you may have seen With the gambrel-roof, and the gable looking westward […]


SEXTON! Martha’s dead and gone; Toll the bell! toll the bell! Her weary hands their labor cease; Good night, poor […]

A Familiar Letter

YES, write, if you want to, there’s nothing like trying; Who knows what a treasure your casket may hold? I’ll […]

Bill and Joe

COME, dear old comrade, you and I Will steal an hour from days gone by, The shining days when life […]

The Organ-Blower

DEVOUTEST of my Sunday friends, The patient Organ-blower bends; I see his figure sink and rise, (Forgive me, Heaven, my […]

The Boys

HAS there any old fellow got mixed with the boys? If there has, take him out, without making a noise. […]

The Living Temple

NOT in the world of light alone, Where God has built his blazing throne, Nor yet alone in earth below, […]