English poetry

Poems in English

Ode to Pity

1 Ever musing I delight to tread The Paths of honour and the Myrtle Grove Whilst the pale Moon her […]

This Little Bag

This little bag I hope will prove To be not vainly made For, if you should a needle want It […]

Happy the Lab'rer

Happy the lab’rer in his Sunday clothes! In light-drab coat, smart waistcoat, well-darn’d hose, Andhat upon his head, to church […]

When Winchester races

When Winchester races first took their beginning It is said the good people forgot their old Saint Not applying at […]

I've a Pain in my Head

‘I’ve a pain in my head’ Said the suffering Beckford; To her Doctor so dread. ‘Oh! what shall I take […]

When Stretch'd on One's Bed

When stretch’d on one’s bed With a fierce-throbbing head, Which preculdes alike thought or repose, How little one cares For […]