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Poems in English

Hen's Nest

Among the orchard weeds, from every search, Snugly and sure, the old hen’s nest is made, Who cackles every morning […]

The Winter's Spring

The winter comes; I walk alone, I want no bird to sing; To those who keep their hearts their own […]

The Vixen

Among the taller wood with ivy hung, The old fox plays and dances round her young. She snuffs and barks […]


Summer pleasures they are gone like to visions every one And the cloudy days of autumn and of winter cometh […]

What Is Life?

And what is Life? An hour-glass on the run, A mist retreating from the morning sun, A busy, bustling, still-repeated […]

Song's Eternity

What is song’s eternity? Come and see. Can it noise and bustle be? Come and see. Praises sung or praises […]

The Landrail

How sweet and pleasant grows the way Through summer time again While Landrails call from day to day Amid the […]

The Instinct Of Hope

Is there another world for this frail dust To warm with life and be itself again? Something about me daily […]


In the cowslip pips I lie, Hidden from the buzzing fly, While green grass beneath me lies, Pearled with dew […]


‘Tis evening; the black snail has got on his track, And gone to its nest is the wren, And the […]

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