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A few grains of dust more or less On ancient shoulders Locks of weakness on weary foreheads This theatre of […]

Other Children

“Little child of my five senses And of my tenderness.” Let us cradle our loves, We will have good children. […]

I Cannot be Known

I cannot be known Better than you know me Your eyes in which we sleep We together Have made for […]

To Live

We both have our hands to give Take mine I shall lead you afar I have lived several times my […]

The Absence

I speak to you across cities I speak to you across plains My mouth is upon your pillow Both faces […]

Head Against The Walls

There were only a few of them In all the earth Each one thought he was alone They sang, they […]

The Deaf and Blind

Do we reach the sea with clocks In our pockets, with the noise of the sea In the sea, or […]

Five Haiku

The wind Undecided Rolls a cigarette of air The mute girl talks: It is art’s imperfection. This impenetrable speech. The […]

The Human Face

I. Soon Of all the springtimes of the world This one is the ugliest Of all of my ways of […]

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