English poetry

Poems in English


They grouped together about the chief And each one looked at his mate, Ashamed to think that Australian men Should […]

Old Botany Bay

“I’m old Botany Bay; Stiff in the joints, Little to say. I am he Who paved the way, That you […]

The Waradgery Tribe

Harried we were, and spent, Broken and falling, Ere as the cranes we went, Crying and calling. Summer shall see […]

Pejar Creek

Deep in the meadow grass Easy stand the cattle, Lightly lock the young bulls In a mimic battle, Pride gathers […]


IT’S singin’ in an’ out, An’ feelin’ full of grace; Here ‘n’ there, up an’ down, An’ round about th’ […]

O Singer in Brown

O, singer in brown! O, bird o’ th’ morn! O, heart of delight In th’ deep o’ th’ thorn! Glad […]


I have grown past hate and bitterness, I see the world as one; But though I can no longer hate, […]

The First Thrush

Though leaves have fallen long since, The wagtails flirt and flit, Glad in the morning sun; While, on the knotted […]

Eve – Song

I span and Eve span A thread to bind the heart of man; But the heart of man was a […]


IT’S gettin’ bits o’ posies, ‘N’ feelin’ mighty good; A-thrillin’ ’cause she loves you, An’ wond’rin’ why she should; An’ […]