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The Mask Of Evil

On my wall hangs a Japanese carving, The mask of an evil demon, decorated with gold lacquer. Sympathetically I observe […]

What Has Happened?

The industrialist is having his aeroplane serviced. The priest is wondering what he said in his sermon eight weeks ago […]

I Never Loved You More

I never loved you more, ma soeur Than as I walked away from you that evening. The forest swallowed me, […]

On Reading A Recent Greek Poet

After the wailing had already begun Along the walls, their ruin certain, The Trojans fidgeted with bits of wood In […]

Kinderhymne (Children's Hymn)

[original] Anmut sparet nicht noch Mьhe Leidenschaft nicht noch Verstand DaЯ ein gutes Deutschland blьhe Wie ein andres gutes Land […]

On The Critical Attitude

The critical attitude Strikes many people as unfruitful That is because they find the state Impervious to their criticism But […]

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