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Squash in Blossom

How lush, how loose, the uninhibited squash is. If ever hearts (and these immoderate leaves Are vegetable hearts) were worn […]

In Memoriam: Four Poets

1 Searock his tower above the sea, Searock he built, not ivory. Searock as well his haunted art Who gave […]

New England Mind

My mind matches this understand land. Outdoors the pencilled tree, the wind-carved drift, Indoors the constant fire, the careful thrift […]


Two boys uncoached are tossing a poem together, Overhand, underhand, backhand, sleight of hand, everyhand, Teasing with attitudes, latitudes, interludes, […]


From where I stand the sheep stand still As stones against the stony hill. The stones are gray And so […]


The winter apples have been picked, the garden turned. Rain and wind have picked the maple leaves and gone. The […]


This little house sows the degrees By which wood can return to trees. Weather has stained the shingles dark And […]

Silent Poem

backroad leafmold stonewall chipmunk Underbrush grapevine woodchuck shadblow Woodsmoke cowbarn honeysuckle woodpile Sawhorse bucksaw outhouse wellsweep Backdoor flagstone bulkhead buttermilk […]

Thoreau in Italy

Lingo of birds was easier than lingo of peasants- They were elusive, though, the birds, for excellent reasons. He thought […]

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