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Auschwitz Rose

There is a Rose at Auschwitz, in the briar, A rose like Sharon’s, lovely as her name. The world forgot […]

The City Is A Garment

A rhinestone skein, a jeweled brocade of light,- The city is a garment stretched so thin Her festive colors bleed […]


Walk here among the walking scepters. Learn Inhuman patience. Flesh can only cleave To bone this tightly if their hearts […]

Water and Gold

You came to me as rain breaks on the desert When every flower springs to life at once, But joy […]

In Flight Convergence

Serene, almost angelic, The lights of the city attend Upon lumbering behemoths Shrilly screeching displeasure; they say That nothing is […]

The Forge

To at last be indestructible, a poem Must first glow, almost flammable, upon A thing inert, as gray, as dull […]

At Wilfred Owen’s Grave

A week before the Armistice, you died. They did not keep your heart like Livingstone’s, Then plant your bones near […]

A True Story, for Jeremy

Jeremy hit the ball today, Over the fence and far away. So very, very far away A neighbor had to […]


I did not delight in love so much As in a kiss like linnets’ wings, The flutterings of a pulse […]

Excerpts from “Poetry”

Poetry, I found you Where at last they chained and bound you; With devices all around you To torture and […]


Her predatory eye, The single feral iris, Scans. Her raptor beak, All jagged sharp-edged thrust, Juts. Her hard talon, Clenched […]

Will There Be Starlight

Will there be starlight Tonight While she gathers Damask And lilac And sweet-scented heathers? And will she find flowers, Or […]

The Octopi Jars

Long-vacant eyes Now lodged in clear glass, A-swim with pale arms As delicate as angels’ … You are beyond all […]

Flight 93

I held the switch in trembling fingers, asked Why existence felt so small, so purposeless, Like a minnow wriggling feebly […]


The meter I had sought to find, perplexed, Was ripped from books of “verse” that read like prose. I found […]


A black ringlet Curls to lie At the nape of her neck, Glistening with sweat In the evaporate moonlight… This […]

Mother’s Smile

For my wife, Elizabeth Harris Burch, and my mother, Christine Ena Burch There never was a fonder smile Than mother’s […]


Now darkness ponds upon the violet hills; Cicadas sing; the tall elms gently sway; And night bends near, a deepening […]

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