The Desk, for Jeremy

There is a child I used to know
Who sat, perhaps, at this same desk
Where you sit now, and made a mess
Of things sometimes. I wonder how
He learned at all…

He saw T-Rexes down the hall
And dreamed of trains and cars and wrecks.
He dribbled phantom basketballs,
Shot spitwads at his schoolmates’ necks.

He played with pasty Elmer’s glue
(and sometimes got the glue on you!).
He earned the nickname-“teacher’s PEST.”

His mother had to come to school
Because he broke the golden rule.
He dreaded each and every test.

But something happened in the fall-
He grew up big and straight and tall,
And now his desk is far too small;
So you can have it.

One thing, though-

One swirling autumn, one bright snow,
One gooey tube of Elmer’s glue…
And you’ll outgrow this old desk, too.

Originally published by TALESetc

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The Desk, for Jeremy