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See how her hair has thinned: it does not seem /
Like hair at all, but like the airy moult /
Of emus who outraced the wind and left /
Soft plumage in their wake. See how her eyes /
Are gentler now; see how each wrinkle laughs, /
And deepens on itself, as though mirth took /
Some comfort there and burrowed deeply in, /
Outlasting winter. See how very thin /
Her features are that time has made more spare, /
So that each bone shows, elegant and rare. /

For loveliness remains in her grave eyes, /
And courage in her still-delighted looks: /
Each face presented like a picture book’s. /
Bemused, she blows us undismayed goodbyes. /

Originally published by Writer’s Digest The Year’s Best Writing 2003

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