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What can I do with this bayonet? Make a rose bush of it? Poke it into the moon? Shave my […]


A red-hot needle Hangs out of him, he steers by it As if it were a rudder, he Would get […]

The Fury Of Overshoes

They sit in a row Outside the kindergarten, Black, red, brown, all With those brass buckles. Remember when you couldn’t […]


I’m afraid of needles. I’m tired of rubber sheets and tubes. I’m tired of faces that I don’t know And […]

The Fury Of Earth

The day of fire is coming, the thrush, Will fly ablaze like a little sky rocket, The beetle will sink […]

August 17th

Good for visiting hospitals or charitable work. Take some time to attend to your health. Surely I will be disquieted […]

When Man Enters Woman

When man, Enters woman, Like the surf biting the shore, Again and again, And the woman opens her mouth with […]

The Death King

I hired a carpenter To build my coffin And last night I lay in it, Braced by a pillow, Sniffing […]


Come friend, I have an old story to tell you- Listen. Sit down beside me and listen. My face is […]

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