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Poems in English

A Curse Against Elegies

Oh, love, why do we argue like this? I am tired of all your pious talk. Also, I am tired […]

The Division Of Parts

1. Mother, my Mary Gray, Once resident of Gloucester And Essex County, A photostat of your will Arrived in the […]

The Civil War

I am torn in two But I will conquer myself. I will dig up the pride. I will take scissors […]

Angels Of The Love Affair

“Angels of the love affair, do you know that other, The dark one, that other me?” 1. ANGEL OF FIRE […]

The Wedding Ring Dance

I dance in circles holding The moth of the marriage, Thin, sticky, fluttering Its skirts, its webs. The moth oozing […]

The Fallen Angels

They come on to my clean Sheet of paper and leave a Rorschach blot. They do not do this to […]

For God While Sleeping

Sleeping in fever, I am unfair To know just who you are: Hung up like a pig on exhibit, The […]

The Play

I am the only actor. It is difficult for one woman To act out a whole play. The play is […]

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