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And One For My Dame

A born salesman, My father made all his dough By selling wool to Fieldcrest, Woolrich and Faribo. A born talker, […]

The Fury Of Sunrises

Darkness As black as your eyelid, Poketricks of stars, The yellow mouth, The smell of a stranger, Dawn coming up, […]

For The Year Of The Insane

a prayer O Mary, fragile mother, Hear me, hear me now Although I do not know your words. The black […]

The Firebombers

We are America. We are the coffin fillers. We are the grocers of death. We pack them in crates like […]


Slim inquirer, while the old fathers sleep You are reworking their soil, you have A grocery store there down under […]

The Evil Eye

It comes oozing Out of flowers at night, It comes out of the rain If a snake looks skyward, It […]


Who is he? A railroad track toward hell? Breaking like a stick of furniture? The hope that suddenly overflows the […]

Red Roses

Tommy is three and when he’s bad His mother dances with him. She puts on the record, “Red Roses for […]

Elegy In The Classroom

In the thin classroom, where your face Was noble and your words were all things, I find this boily creature […]

After Auschwitz

Anger, As black as a hook, Overtakes me. Each day, Each Nazi Took, at 8:00 A. M., a baby And […]

The Fury Of Abandonment

Someone lives in a cave Eating his toes, I know that much. Someone little lives under a bush Pressing an […]

The Stand-Ins

In the dream The swastika is neon And flashes like a strobe light Into my eyes, all colors, All vibrations […]

The Ambition Bird

So it has come to this Insomnia at 3:15 A. M., The clock tolling its engine Like a frog following […]

The Moss Of His Skin

“Young girls in old Arabia were often buried alive next To their fathers, apparently as sacrifice to the goddesses Of […]

The Fury Of Cocks

There they are Drooping over the breakfast plates, Angel-like, Folding in their sad wing, Animal sad, And only the night […]


I am not lazy. I am on the amphetamine of the soul. I am, each day, Typing out the God […]

The Addict

Sleepmonger, Deathmonger, With capsules in my palms each night, Eight at a time from sweet pharmaceutical bottles I make arrangements […]


Loving me with my shows off Means loving my long brown legs, Sweet dears, as good as spoons; And my […]

Some Foreign Letters

I knew you forever and you were always old, Soft white lady of my heart. Surely you would scold Me […]

The Bells

Today the circus poster Is scabbing off the concrete wall And the children have forgotten If they knew at all. […]

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