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The Gold Key

The speaker in this case Is a middle-aged witch, me- Tangled on my two great arms, My face in a […]


His awful skin Stretched out by some tradesman Is like my skin, here between my fingers, A kind of webbing, […]

Flee On Your Donkey

Because there was no other place To flee to, I came back to the scene of the disordered senses, Came […]

The Big Boots Of Pain

There can be certain potions Needled in the clock For the body’s fall from grace, To untorture and to plead […]

Knee Song

Being kissed on the back Of the knee is a moth At the windowscreen and Yes my darling a dot […]


It is in the small things we see it. The child’s first step, As awesome as an earthquake. The first […]

“Daddy” Warbucks

In Memoriam What’s missing is the eyeballs In each of us, but it doesn’t matter Because you’ve got the bucks, […]

The Evil Seekers

We are born with luck Which is to say with gold in our mouth. As new and smooth as a […]


Coon, why did you come to this dance With a mask on? Why not the tin man And his rainbow […]

My Friend, My Friend

Who will forgive me for the things I do? With no special legend of God to refer to, With my […]

Lessons In Hunger

“Do you like me?” I asked the blue blazer. No answer. Silence bounced out of his books. Silence fell off […]

End, Middle, Beginning

There was an unwanted child. Aborted by three modern methods She hung on to the womb, Hooked onto I Building […]


It is a summer evening. The yellow moths sag Against the locked screens And the faded curtains Suck over the […]

In The Deep Museum

My God, my God, what queer corner am I in? Didn’t I die, blood running down the post, Lungs gagging […]

Sylvia’s Death

for Sylvia Plath O Sylvia, Sylvia, With a dead box of stones and spoons, With two children, two meteors Wandering […]

The Fury Of Sunsets

Something Cold is in the air, An aura of ice And phlegm. All day I’ve built A lifetime and now […]

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