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A deep bell that links the downs To the drowsy air; Every loop of sound that swoons, Finds a circle […]

The Harvest

Sun on the mountain, Shade in the valley, Ripple and lightness Leaping along the world, Sun, like a gold sword […]


Some men are born to gather women’s tears, To give a harbour to their timorous fears, To take them as […]


Her life was touched with early frost, About the April of her day, Her hold on earth was lightly lost, […]

At the Cedars

You had two girls Baptiste One is Virginie Hold hard Baptiste! Listen to me. The whole drive was jammed In […]

The Half-breed Girl

She is free of the trap and the paddle, The portage and the trail, But something behind her savage life […]

From Shadow

Now the November skies, And the clouds that are thin and gray, That drop with the wind away; A flood […]

The Forsaken

I Once in the winter Out on a lake In the heart of the north-land, Far from the Fort And […]


Set within a desert lone, Circled by an arid sea, Stands a figure carved in stone, Where a fountain used […]

The Height of Land

Here is the height of land: The watershed on either hand Goes down to Hudson Bay Or Lake Superior; The […]

The Message

Wind of the gentle summer night, Dwell in the lilac tree, Sway the blossoms clustered light, Then blow over to […]

The Onondaga Madonna

She stands full-throated and with careless pose, This woman of a weird and waning race, The tragic savage lurking in […]

Night Hymns on Lake Nipigon

Here in the midnight, where the dark mainland and island Shadows mingle in shadow deeper, profounder, Sing we the hymns […]

Rain and the Robin

A ROBIN in the morning, In the morning early, Sang a song of warning, “There’ll be rain, there’ll be rain.” […]

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