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The Death of Lincoln

Oh, slow to smit and swift to spare, Gentle and merciful and just! Who, in the fear of God, didst […]

The Constellations

O constellations of the early night, That sparkled brighter as the twilight died, And made the darkness glorious! I have […]


To him who in the love of nature holds Communion with her visible forms, she speaks A various language; for […]

The West Wind

Beneath the forest’s skirts I rest, Whose branching pines rise dark and high, And hear the breezes of the West […]


They talk of short-lived pleasure be it so Pain dies as quickly; stern, hard-featured pain Expires, and lets her weary […]

To the Fringed Gentian

Thou blossom bright with autumn dew, And colored with the heaven’s own blue, That openest when the quiet light Succeeds […]

The Gladness of Nature

Is this a time to be cloudy and sad, When our mother Nature laughs around; When even the deep blue […]

After a Tempest

The day had been a day of wind and storm; The wind was laid, the storm was overpast, And stooping […]

Spring in Town

The country ever has a lagging Spring, Waiting for May to call its violets forth, And June its roses showers […]

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