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I gazed upon the glorious sky And the green mountains round, And thought that when I came to lie At […]


Ay, thou art welcome, heaven’s delicious breath! When woods begin to wear the crimson leaf, And suns grow meek, and […]

The Skies

Ay! gloriously thou standest there, Beautiful, boundless firmament! That swelling wide o’er earth and air, And round the horizon bent, […]

To A Cloud

Beautiful cloud! with folds so soft and fair, Swimming in the pure quiet air! Thy fleeces bathed in sunlight, while […]

A Forest Hymn

The groves were God’s first temples. Ere man learned To hew the shaft, and lay the architrave, And spread the […]

The Death of the Flowers

The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year, Of wailing winds, and naked woods, and meadows brown and […]

To a Waterfowl

Whither, midst falling dew, While glow the heavens with the last steps of day Far, through their rosy depths, dost […]

The Living Lost

Matron! the children of whose love, Each to his grave, in youth have passed, And now the mould is heaped […]


Yet one smile more, departing, distant sun! One mellow smile through the soft vapoury air, Ere, o’er the frozen earth, […]