English poetry

Poems in English

Part Of Speech

…and when “the future” is uttered, swarms of mice Rush out of the Russian language and gnaw a piece Of […]

Seven Strophes

I was but what you’d brush With your palm, what your leaning Brow would hunch to in evening’s Raven-black hush. […]

I Sit By The Window

I said fate plays a game without a score, And who needs fish if you’ve got caviar? The triumph of […]

Stone Villages

The stone-built villages of England. A cathedral bottled in a pub window. Cows dispersed across fields. Monuments to kings. A […]

Tsushima Screen

The perilous yellow sun follows with its slant eyes Masts of the shuddered grove steaming up to capsize In the […]

Dutch Mistress

A hotel in whose ledgers departures are more prominent than arrivals. With wet Koh-i-noors the October rain Strokes what’s left […]

To Urania

Everything has its limit, including sorrow. A windowpane stalls a stare. Nor does a grill abandon A leaf. One may […]

Galatea Encore

As though the mercury’s under its tongue, it won’t Talk. As though with the mercury in its sphincter, Immobile, by […]