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Poems in English

The Philosophical Egotist

Hast thou the infant seen that yet, unknowing of the love Which warms and cradles, calmly sleeps the mother’s heart […]

Punch Song

Four elements, joined in Harmonious strife, Shadow the world forth, And typify life. Into the goblet The lemon’s juice pour; […]

The Proverbs Of Confucius

Threefold is the march of time While the future slow advances, Like a dart the present glances, Silent stands the […]

Feast Of Victory

Priam’s castle-walls had sunk, Troy in dust and ashes lay, And each Greek, with triumph drunk, Richly laden with his […]

The Lay Of The Bell

Fast, in its prison-walls of earth, Awaits the mould of baked clay. Up, comrades, up, and aid the birth The […]


We speak with the lip, and we dream in the soul, Of some better and fairer day; And our days, […]

Parables And Riddles

I. A bridge of pearls its form uprears High o’er a gray and misty sea; E’en in a moment it […]

The Pilgrim

Youth’s gay springtime scarcely knowing Went I forth the world to roam And the dance of youth, the glowing, Left […]

The Knights Of St. John

Oh, nobly shone the fearful cross upon your mail afar, When Rhodes and Acre hailed your might, O lions of […]

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