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My Antipathy

I have a heartfelt aversion for crime, a twofold aversion, Since ’tis the reason why man prates about virtue so […]

The Ideal And The Actual Life

Forever fair, forever calm and bright, Life flies on plumage, zephyr-light, For those who on the Olympian hill rejoice Moons […]


“Do I believe,” sayest thou, “what the masters of wisdom would teach me, And what their followers’ band boldly and […]

The Imitator

Good from the good, to the reason this is not hard of conception; But the genius has power good from […]

Breadth And Depth

Full many a shining wit one sees, With tongue on all things well conversing; The what can charm, the what […]

The Iliad

Tear forever the garland of Homer, and number the fathers Of the immortal work, that through all time will survive! […]


Scarce has the fever so chilly of Gallomania departed, When a more burning attack in Grecomania breaks out. Greekism, what […]


Past the despairing wail And the bright banquets of the Elysian vale Melt every care away! Delight, that breathes and […]

The Battle

Heavy and solemn, A cloudy column, Through the green plain they marching came! Measure less spread, like a table dread, […]


Steer on, bold sailor Wit may mock thy soul that sees the land, And hopeless at the helm may droop […]

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