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The Alpine Hunter

Wilt thou not the lambkins guard? Oh, how soft and meek they look, Feeding on the grassy sward, Sporting round […]

Hymn To Joy

Joy, thou goddess, fair, immortal, Offspring of Elysium, Mad with rapture, to the portal Of thy holy fame we come! […]

The Invincible Armada

She comes, she comes the burden of the deeps! Beneath her wails the universal sea! With clanking chains and a […]

The Greatness Of The World

Through the world which the Spirit creative and kind First formed out of chaos, I fly like the wind, Until […]

Germany And Her Princes

Thou hast produced mighty monarchs, of whom thou art not unworthy, For the obedient alone make him who governs them […]

The Youth By The Brook

Beside the brook the boy reclined And wove his flowery wreath, And to the waves the wreath consigned The waves […]

The German Art

By no kind Augustus reared, To no Medici endeared, German art arose; Fostering glory smiled not on her, Ne’er with […]


Even the beauteous must die! This vanquishes men and immortals; But of the Stygian god moves not the bosom of […]

The Bards Of Olden Time

Say, where is now that glorious race, where now are the singers Who, with the accents of life, listening nations […]

The Virtue Of Woman

Man of virtue has need;-into life with boldness he plunges, Entering with fortune more sure into the hazardous strife; But […]


Monument of our own age’s shame, On thy country casting endless blame, Rousseau’s grave, how dear thou art to me […]

The Eleusinian Festival

Wreathe in a garland the corn’s golden ear! With it, the Cyane [31] blue intertwine Rapture must render each glance […]

The Maiden’s Lament

The clouds fast gather, The forest-oaks roar A maiden is sitting Beside the green shore, The billows are breaking with […]

My Antipathy

I have a heartfelt aversion for crime, a twofold aversion, Since ’tis the reason why man prates about virtue so […]

The Ideal And The Actual Life

Forever fair, forever calm and bright, Life flies on plumage, zephyr-light, For those who on the Olympian hill rejoice Moons […]


“Do I believe,” sayest thou, “what the masters of wisdom would teach me, And what their followers’ band boldly and […]

The Imitator

Good from the good, to the reason this is not hard of conception; But the genius has power good from […]

Breadth And Depth

Full many a shining wit one sees, With tongue on all things well conversing; The what can charm, the what […]

The Iliad

Tear forever the garland of Homer, and number the fathers Of the immortal work, that through all time will survive! […]

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