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Mirth the halls of Troy was filling, Ere its lofty ramparts fell; From the golden lute so thrilling Hymns of […]

The Fight With The Dragon

Why run the crowd? What means the throng That rushes fast the streets along? Can Rhodes a prey to flames, […]

Rapture To Laura

From earth I seem to wing my flight, And sun myself in Heaven’s pure light, When thy sweet gaze meets […]

Light And Warmth

In cheerful faith that fears no ill The good man doth the world begin; And dreams that all without shall […]

The Four Ages Of The World

The goblet is sparkling with purpled-tinged wine, Bright glistens the eye of each guest, When into the hall comes the […]

The Words Of Belief

Three words will I name thee around and about, From the lip to the lip, full of meaning, they flee; […]

To A World-Reformer

“I Have sacrificed all,” thou sayest, “that man I might succor; Vain the attempt; my reward was persecution and hate.” […]

The Triumph Of Love

By love are blest the gods on high, Frail man becomes a deity When love to him is given; ‘Tis […]

Group From Tartarus

Hark! like the sea in wrath the heavens assailing, Or like a brook through rocky basin wailing, Comes from below, […]


Could I from this valley drear, Where the mist hangs heavily, Soar to some more blissful sphere, Ah! how happy […]

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