English poetry

Poems in English

The Neighborhood

I wish I could, like some, forget, And never anguish, nor regret, Dismissive, free to roam the street, No matter […]

Should You Ask At Midnight

What would I do without your voice to wake me? Cor ad cor loquitur, I’m loath to know. Kitsch operas […]

Compass Rose

I’d buy you a Babushka doll, my heart, And brush your ash-blonde hair until it gleams, Were Russia and our […]


Send your army home to their wives and children. It is late. Your soldiers are burdened, thirsty. Lock the doors, […]

By This Pitch And Motion

In the upstairs hallway, complacent sunlight Stings the walls with gold and translucent almond Over Turkish runners betraying patterns Faded […]


Fold this, our daughter’s grave, And seal it with your kiss. For all the love I gave, You owe me […]

Leaning Over Eros

She recognizes him at last as Other, Not Self. I see her in my mind, hot wax About to plummet […]