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Blue-Crested Cry

We’re through, we’re through, we’re through, we’re through, we’re through And – flanking, now, the edges of our schism – […]

Civic Centre (for Kathryn)

Moscow ballet at seven in the evening. You look at everything. You lay your cheek Against my shoulder, smoothing down […]

French Quarter Singer

Strumming your polished guitar with long, nail-lightened fingers, Where are you now, leaning forward a peasant-dressed arm – Lark on […]


It’s a jade branch on the floor, broken in two, love, Or a stain raised on the lapped grains of […]

Sapphics For Celebrity

In my dream, Celebrity, four pianos Scored the room, and you on an antique sofa Near two dark-haired innocents asked […]

Good Friday 2001, Riding North

Yellow makes a play for green among The rows of some poor farmer’s field outside The Memphis city limits’ northern […]

The Neighborhood

I wish I could, like some, forget, And never anguish, nor regret, Dismissive, free to roam the street, No matter […]

Should You Ask At Midnight

What would I do without your voice to wake me? Cor ad cor loquitur, I’m loath to know. Kitsch operas […]

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