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A Winter Ride

Who shall declare the joy of the running! Who shall tell of the pleasures of flight! Springing and spurning the […]

At Night

The wind is singing through the trees to-night, A deep-voiced song of rushing cadences And crashing intervals. No summer breeze […]

The Forsaken

Holy Mother of God, Merciful Mary. Hear Me! I am very weary. I have come From a village miles away, […]

Loon Point

Softly the water ripples Against the canoe’s curving side, Softly the birch trees rustle Flinging over us branches wide. Softly […]

The Temple

Between us leapt a gold and scarlet flame. Into the hollow of the cupped, arched blue Of Heaven it rose. […]

In a Castle

I Over the yawning chimney hangs the fog. Drip hiss drip hiss Fall the raindrops on the oaken log which […]

Miscast I

I have whetted my brain until it is like a Damascus Blade, So keen that it nicks off the floating […]

A Gift

See! I give myself to you, Beloved! My words are little jars For you to take and put upon a […]

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