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High up in the apple tree climbing I go, With the sky above me, the earth below. Each branch is […]

A Blockhead

Before me lies a mass of shapeless days, Unseparated atoms, and I must Sort them apart and live them. Sifted […]

The Hammers

I Frindsbury, Kent, 1786 Bang! Bang! Tap! Tap-a-tap! Rap! All through the lead and silver Winter days, All through the […]

Late September

Tang of fruitage in the air; Red boughs bursting everywhere; Shimmering of seeded grass; Hooded gentians all a’mass. Warmth of […]


Some men there are who find in nature all Their inspiration, hers the sympathy Which spurs them on to any […]


Life is a stream On which we strew Petal by petal the flower of our heart; The end lost in […]

A Petition

I pray to be the tool which to your hand Long use has shaped and moulded till it be Apt […]


Be patient with you? When the stooping sky Leans down upon the hills And tenderly, as one who soothing stills […]

The Red Lacquer Music-Stand

A music-stand of crimson lacquer, long since brought In some fast clipper-ship from China, quaintly wrought With bossed and carven […]

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