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Not Quite The Same

Not quite the same the springtime seems to me, Since that sad season when in separate ways Our paths diverged. […]


How can I wait until you come to me? The once fleet mornings linger by the way; Their sunny smiles […]

A March Snow

Let the old snow be covered with the new: The trampled snow, so soiled, and stained, and sodden. Let it […]


Not like a daring, bold, aggressive boy, Is inspiration, eager to pursue, But rather like a maiden, fond, yet coy, […]


Straight through my heart this fact to-day, By Truth’s own hand is driven: God never takes one thing away, But […]


I called to the summer sun, “Come over the hills to-day! Unlock the rivers, and tell them to run, And […]


When my blood flows calm as a purling river, When my heart is asleep and my brain has sway, It […]

A Leaf

Somebody said, in the crowd, last eve, That you were married, or soon to be. I have not thought of […]


There is nothing, I hold, in the way of work That a human being may not achieve If he does […]

An Inspiration

However the battle is ended, Though proudly the victor comes With fluttering flags and prancing nags And echoing roll of […]

Preaching Vs Practice

It is easy to sit in the sunshine And talk to the man in the shade; It is easy to […]


I wandered o’er the vast green plains of youth, And searched for Pleasure. On a distant height Fame’s silhouette stood […]


An idle rhyme of the summer time, Sweet, and solemn, and tender; Fair with the haze of the moon’s pale […]

A Maiden's Secret

I have written this day down in my heart As the sweetest day in the season; From all of the […]

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