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Changed? Yes, I will confess it – I have changed. I do not love you in the old fond way. […]


At morn the wise man walked abroad, Proud with the learning of great fools. He laughed and said, ‘There is […]

A Waltz-Quadrille

The band was playing a waltz-quadrille, I felt as light as a wind-blown feather, As we floated away, at the […]


When this world’s pleasures for my soul sufficed, Ere my heart’s plummet sounded depths of pain, I call on Reason […]

A Fallen Leaf

A trusting little leaf of green, A bold audacious frost; A rendezvous, a kiss or two, And youth for ever […]


If I should die, to-day, To-morrow, maybe, the world would see Would waken from sleep, and say, “Why here was […]


The longer I live and the more I see Of the struggle of souls towards the heights above, The stronger […]

I Am

Am I know not whence I came, I know not whither I go; But the fact stands clear that I […]

A Lovers’ Quarrel

We two were lovers, the Sea and I; We plighted our troth ‘neath a summer sky. And all through the […]


I knew it the first of the summer, I knew it the same at the end, That you and your […]

At The Hop

‘Tis time to dress. Dost hear the music surging Like sobbing waves that roll up from the sea? Yes, yes, […]

Sorrow’s Uses

The uses of sorrow I comprehend Better and better at each year’s end. Deeper and deeper I seem to see […]

Noblesse Oblige

I hold it the duty of one who is gifted And specially dowered I all men’s sight, To know no […]

Over The Alley

Here in my office I sit and write Hour on hour, and day on day, With no one to speak […]

Christ Crucified

Now ere I slept, my prayer had been that I might see my way To do the will of Christ, […]

Life’s Scars

They say the world is round, and yet I often think it square, So many little hurts we get From […]

Love Song

Once in the world’s first prime, When nothing lived or stirred, Nothing but new-born Time, Nor was there even a […]

Independence Ode

Columbia, fair queen in your glory! Columbia, the pride of the earth! We crown you with song – wreath and […]


Why sit ye idly dreaming all the day, While the golden, precious hours flit away? See you not the day […]

River And Sea

Under the light of the silver moon We two sat, when our hearts were young; The night was warm with […]

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