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At Bay

Wife Reach out your arms, and hold me close and fast. Tell me there are no memories of your past […]

Coleur de Rose

I want more lives in which to love This world so full of beauty, I want more days to use […]

Sing To Me

Sing to me! Something of sunlight and bloom, I am so compassed with sorrow and gloom, I am so sick […]


Good-bye – Yes, I am going, Sudden? Well, you are right. But a startling truth came home to me With […]

Pardoned Out

I’m pardoned out. Again the stars Shine on me with their myriad eyes. So long I’ve peered ‘twixt iron bars, […]

Love’s Supremacy

As yon great Sun in his supreme condition Absorbs small worlds and makes them all his own, So does my […]

Here And Now

Here, in the heart of the world, Here, in the noise and the din, Here, where our spirits were hurled […]


We must not force events, but rather make The heart soil ready for their coming, as The earth spreads carpets […]

Little Queen

Do you remember the name I wore – The old pet-name of Little Queen – In the dear, dead days […]


If any line that I ever penned, Or any word I have spoken, Has comforted heart of foe or friend […]

Our Blessings

Sitting to-day in the sunshine, That touched me with fingers of love, I thought of the manifold blessings God scatters […]

At The Window

Every morning, as I walk down From my dreary lodgings, toward the town, I see at a window, near the […]


That which we had we still possess, Though leaves may drop and stars may fall; No circumstance can make it […]


Last night I knelt low at my lady’s feet. One soft, caressing hand played with my hair, And one I […]

As You Go Through Life

Don’t look for the flaws as you go through life; And even when you find them, It is wise and […]


Ah yes, I love you, and with all my heart; Just as a weaker woman loves her own, Better than […]

Begin The Day

Begin each morning with a talk to God, And ask for your divine inheritance Of usefulness, contentment, and success. Resign […]


Upon the white cheek of the Cherub Year I saw a tear. Alas! I murmured, that the Year should borrow […]

Are you Loving Enough?

Are you loving enough? There is some one dear, Some one you hold as the dearest of all In the […]

Momus, God Of Laughter

Though with gods the world is cumbered, Gods unnamed, and gods unnumbered, Never god was known to be Who had […]

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