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On a Forenoon of Spring

I’m glad I am alive, to see and feel The full deliciousness of this bright day, That’s like a heart […]

A Gravestone

Far from the churchyard dig his grave, On some green mound beside the wave; To westward, sea and sky alone, […]

Abbey Assaroe

Gray, gray is Abbey Assaroe, by Belashanny town, It has neither door nor window, the walls are broken down; The […]

Wayside Flowers

Pluck not the wayside flower, It is the traveller’s dower; A thousand passers-by Its beauties may espy, May win a […]

A Singer

That which he did not feel, he would not sing; What most he felt, religion it was to hide In […]

In a Spring Grove

Here the white-ray’d anemone is born, Wood-sorrel, and the varnish’d buttercup; And primrose in its purfled green swathed up, Pallid […]


Through grass, through amber’d cornfields, our slow Stream Fringed with its flags and reeds and rushes tall, And Meadowsweet, the […]

After Sunset

The vast and solemn company of clouds Around the Sun’s death, lit, incarnadined, Cool into ashy wan; as Night enshrouds […]

A Dream

I heard the dogs howl in the moonlight night; I went to the window to see the sight; All the […]

Autumnal Sonnet

Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods, And day by day the dead leaves fall and melt, And night […]

Adieu to Belshanny

Adieu to Belashanny! where I was bred and born; Go where I may, I’ll think of you, as sure as […]

The Fairies

Up the airy mountain, Down the rushy glen, We daren’t go a-hunting For fear of little men; Wee folk, good […]

These Little Songs

These little Songs, Found here and there, Floating in air By forest and lea, Or hill-side heather, In houses and […]

Aeolian Harp

O pale green sea, With long, pale, purple clouds above – What lies in me like weight of love? What […]

Down on the Shore

Down on the shore, on the sunny shore! Where the salt smell cheers the land; Where the tide moves bright […]

The Little Dell

Doleful was the land, Dull on, every side, Neither soft n’or grand, Barren, bleak, and wide; Nothing look’d with love; […]

Late Autumn

October – and the skies are cool and gray O’er stubbles emptied of their latest sheaf, Bare meadow, and the […]

The Touchstone

A man there came, whence none could tell, Bearing a Touchstone in his hand; And tested all things in the […]

A Day-Dream’s Reflection

Chequer’d with woven shadows as I lay Among the grass, blinking the watery gleam, I saw an Echo-Spirit in his […]

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