English poetry

Poems in English

A Day-Dream’s Reflection

Chequer’d with woven shadows as I lay Among the grass, blinking the watery gleam, I saw an Echo-Spirit in his […]

A Memory

Four ducks on a pond, A grass-bank beyond, A blue sky of spring, White clouds on the wing; What a […]

Amy Margaret’s Five Year Old

Amy Margaret’s five years old, Amy Margaret’s hair is gold, Dearer twenty-thousand-fold Than gold, is Amy Margaret. “Amy” is friend, […]


I thought it was the little bed I slept in long ago; A straight white curtain at the head, And […]

The Eviction

In early morning twilight, raw and chill, Damp vapours brooding on the barren hill, Through miles of mire in steady […]

A Seed

See how a Seed, which Autumn flung down, And through the Winter neglected lay, Uncoils two little green leaves and […]


A man who keeps a diary, pays Due toll to many tedious days; But life becomes eventful then His busy […]