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The Inheritance

Since you did depart Out of my reach, my darling, Into the hidden, I see each shadow start With recognition, […]


Round clouds roll in the arms of the wind, The round earth rolls in a clasp of blue sky, And […]

The Prophet

Ah, my darling, when over the purple horizon shall loom The shrouded mother of a new idea, men hide their […]


Now I am all One bowl of kisses, Such as the tall Slim votaresses Of Egypt filled For a God’s […]

Tortoise Gallantry

Making his advances He does not look at her, nor sniff at her, No, not even sniff at her, his […]

Meeting Among the Mountains

The little pansies by the road have turned Away their purple faces and their gold, And evening has taken all […]

The Bride

My love looks like a girl to-night, But she is old. The plaits that lie along her pillow Are not […]

In a Boat

See the stars, love, In the water much clearer and brighter Than those above us, and whiter, Like nenuphars. Star-shadows […]


I wonder, can the night go by; Can this shot arrow of travel fly Shaft-golden with light, sheer into the […]

Monologue of a Mother

This is the last of all, this is the last! I must hold my hands, and turn my face to […]

The Ship of Death

I Now it is autumn and the falling fruit And the long journey towards oblivion. The apples falling like great […]

A Sane Revolution

If you make a revolution, make it for fun, Don’t make it in ghastly seriousness, Don’t do it in deadly […]


Patience, little Heart. One day a heavy, June-hot woman Will enter and shut the door to stay. And when your […]


She bade me follow to her garden where The mellow sunlight stood as in a cup Between the old grey […]

Week-Night Service

The five old bells Are hurrying and eagerly calling, Imploring, protesting They know, but clamorously falling Into gabbling incoherence, never […]


It is conceit that kills us And makes us cowards instead of gods. Under the great Command: Know thy self, […]

Dolor of Autumn

The acrid scents of autumn, Reminiscent of slinking beasts, make me fear Everything, tear-trembling stars of autumn And the snore […]

The Piano (Notebook Version)

Somewhere beneath that piano’s superb sleek black Must hide my mother’s piano, little and brown with the back That stood […]


Had I but known yesterday, Helen, you could discharge the ache Out of the cloud; Had I known yesterday you […]

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