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Service of all the Dead

Between the avenues of cypresses, All in their scarlet cloaks, and surplices Of linen, go the chaunting choristers, The priests […]


Don’t you care for my love? she said bitterly. I handed her the mirror, and said: Please address these questions […]


I will give you all my keys, You shall be my chвtelaine, You shall enter as you please, As you […]


The sick grapes on the chair by the bed lie prone; at the window The tassel of the blind swings […]

Lies About Love

We are a liars, because The truth of yesterday becomes a lie tomorrow, Whereas letters are fixed, And we live […]


Why does the thin grey strand Floating up from the forgotten Cigarette between my fingers, Why does it trouble me? […]

Tortoise Family Connections

On he goes, the little one, Bud of the universe, Pediment of life. Setting off somewhere, apparently. Whither away, brisk […]

Baby Tortoise

You know what it is to be born alone, Baby tortoise! The first day to heave your feet little by […]

Tortoise Shell

The Cross, the Cross Goes deeper in than we know, Deeper into life; Right into the marrow And through the […]


A snake came to my water-trough On a hot, hot day, and I in pyjamas for the heat, To drink […]

Brooding Grief

A yellow leaf from the darkness Hops like a frog before me. Why should I start and stand still? I […]

We are Transmitters

As we live, we are transmitters of life. And when we fail to transmit life, life fails to flow through […]

Gloire de Dijon

When she rises in the morning I linger to watch her; She spreads the bath-cloth underneath the window And the […]

A Youth Mowing

There are four men mowing down by the Isar; I can hear the swish of the scythe-strokes, four Sharp breaths […]


Since I lost you, my darling, the sky has come near, And I am of it, the small sharp stars […]

The Punisher

I have fetched the tears up out of the little wells, Scooped them up with small, iron words, Dripping over […]


At the open door of the room I stand and look at the night, Hold my hand to catch the […]

Firelight and Nightfall

The darkness steals the forms of all the queens, But oh, the palms of his two black hands are red, […]

Birdcage Walk

When the wind blows her veil And uncovers her laughter I cease, I turn pale. When the wind blows her […]

Lui Et Elle

She is large and matronly And rather dirty, A little sardonic-looking, as if domesticity had driven her to it. Though […]

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