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Cruelty and Love

What large, dark hands are those at the window Lifted, grasping in the yellow light Which makes its way through […]

The End

If I could have put you in my heart, If but I could have wrapped you in myself, How glad […]

Grey Evening

When you went, how was it you carried with you My missal book of fine, flamboyant hours? My book of […]


At evening, sitting on this terrace, When the sun from the west, beyond Pisa, beyond the mountains of Carrara Departs, […]


All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, Wake in […]

Giorno dei Morti

Along the avenue of cypresses, All in their scarlet cloaks and surplices Of linen, go the chanting choristers, The priests […]


A wind comes from the north Blowing little flocks of birds Like spray across the town, And a train, roaring […]


I listen to the stillness of you, My dear, among it all; I feel your silence touch my words as […]

The Wild Common

The quick sparks on the gorse bushes are leaping, Little jets of sunlight-texture imitating flame; Above them, exultant, the peewits […]


Many years have I still to burn, detained Like a candle flame on this body; but I enshine A darkness […]

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