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Smoke, it is all smoke In the throat of eternity. . . . For centuries, the air was full of […]

Dear Colette

Dear Colette, I want to write to you About being a woman For that is what you write to me. […]

To Whom It May Concern

In Autumn, As in Spring, The sap flows, The sap wishes to race Against heartbeats Before the winter, Before the […]

The Poem Cat

Sometimes the poem Doesn’t want to come; It hides from the poet Like a playful cat Who has run Under […]

Parable Of The Four-Poster

Because she wants to touch him, She moves away. Because she wants to talk to him, She keeps silent. Because […]

Narcissus, Photographer

“…a frozen memory, like any photo, Where nothing is missing, not even, And especially, nothingness…” Julio Cort├ízar, “Blow Up” Mirror-mad, […]

After the Earthquake

After the first astounding rush, After the weeks at the lake, The crystal, the clouds, the water lapping the rocks, […]

Autumn Perspective

Now, moving in, cartons on the floor, The radio playing to bare walls, Picture hooks left stranded In the unsoiled […]

People Who Live

People who live by the sea Understand eternity. They copy the curves of the waves, Their hearts beat with the […]

Climbing You

I want to understand the steep thing That climbs ladders in your throat. I can’t make sense of you. Everywhere […]


The lover in these poems Is me; The doctor, Love. He appears As husband, lover Analyst & muse, As father, […]

Beast, Book, Body

I was sick of being a woman, Sick of the pain, The irrelevant detail of sex, My own concavity Uselessly […]

LoveSpell: Against Endings

All the endings in my life Rise up against me Like that sea of troubles Shakespeare mixed With metaphors; Like […]

Middle Aged Lovers, II

You open to me A little, Then grow afraid And close again, A small boy Fearing to be hurt, A […]

Sunday Afternoons

I sit at home At my desk alone As I used to do On many sunday afternoons When you came […]

Flying at Forty

You call me Courageous, I who grew up Gnawing on books, As some kids Gnaw On bubble gum, Who married […]

The End of the World

Here, at the end of the world, The flowers bleed As if they were hearts, The hearts ooze a darkness […]


He was six foot four, and forty-six And even colder than he thought he was James Thurber, The Thirteen Clocks […]

The Artist as an Old Man

If you ask him he will talk for hours How at fourteen he hammered signs, fingers Raw with cold, and […]

Ordinary Miracles

Spring, rainbows, Ordinary miracles About which Nothing new can be said. The stars on a clear night Of a New […]

The Poet Fears Failure

The poet fears failure & so she says “Hold on pen What if the critics Hate me?” & with that […]

For an Earth-Landing

the sky sinks its blue teeth Into the mountains. Rising on pure will (the lurch & lift-off, The sudden swing […]

Nursing You

On the first night Of the full moon, The primeval sack of ocean Broke, & I gave birth to you […]