LoveSpell: Against Endings

All the endings in my life
Rise up against me
Like that sea of troubles
Shakespeare mixed
With metaphors;
Like Vikings in their boats
Singing Wagner,
Like witches
Burning at
The stake
I submit
To my fate.

I know beginnings,
Their sweetnesses,
And endings,
Their bitternesses
But I do not know
I do not know
The sweet demi-boredom
Of life as it lingers,
Of man and wife
Regarding each other
Across a table of shared witnesses,
Of the hand-in-hand dreams
Of those who have slept
A half-century together
In a bed so used and familiar
It is rutted
With love.

I would know that
Before this life closes,
A soulmate to share my roses
I would make a spell
With long grey beard hairs
And powdered rosemary and rue,
With the jacket of a tux
For a tall man
With broad

Who loves to dance;
With one blue contact lens
For his bluest eyes;
With honey in a jar
For his love of me;
With salt in a dish
For his love of sex and skin;
With crushed rose petals
For our bed;
With tubes of cerulean blue
And vermilion and rose madder
For his artist’s eye;
With a dented Land-Rover fender
For his love of travel;
With a poem by Blake
For his love of innocence
Revealed by experience;
With soft rain
And a bare head;
With hand-in-hand dreams on Mondays
And the land of fuck
On Sundays;
With mangoes, papayas
And limes,
And a house towering
Above the sea.

Muse, I surrender
To thee.
Thy will be done,
Not mine.

If this love spell
Pleases you,
Send me this lover,
This husband,

dancing partner
For my empty bed
And let him fill me
From now
Until I die.
I offer my bones,
My poems,
My luck with roses,
And the secret garden
I have found
Walled in my center,
And the sunflower
Who raises her head
Despite her heavy seeds.

I am ready now, Muse,
To serve you faithfully
Even with
A graceful dancing partner
For I have learned
To stand alone.

Give me your blessing.
Let the next
Epithalamion I write
Be my own.
And let it last
More than the years
Of my life
And without the least
Two lovers bareheaded
In a summer rain.

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LoveSpell: Against Endings