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Narcissus, Photographer

“…a frozen memory, like any photo,
Where nothing is missing, not even,
And especially, nothingness…”
Julio Cortázar, “Blow Up”

He photographed reflections:
Sunstorms in puddles,
Cities in canals,

Double portraits framed
In sunglasses,
The fat phantoms who dance
On the flanks of cars.

Nothing caught his eye
Unless it bent
Or glistered
Over something else.

He trapped clouds in bottles
The way kids
Trap grasshoppers.
Then one misty day

He was stopped
By the windshield.
Behind him,
An avenue of trees,

Before him,
The mirror of that scene.
He seemed to enter
What, in fact, he left.

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Poem Narcissus, Photographer - Erica Jong