Nursing You

On the first night
Of the full moon,
The primeval sack of ocean
& I gave birth to you
Little woman,
Little carrot top,
Little turned-up nose,
Pushing you out of myself
As my mother
Me out of herself,
As her mother did,
& her mother’s mother before her,
All of us born
Of woman.

I am the second daughter
Of a second daughter
Of a second daughter,
But you shall be the first.
You shall see the phrase
“second sex”
Only in puzzlement,
Wondering how anyone,
Except a madman,
Could call you “second”
When you are so splendidly
Conferring even on your mother
Firstness, vastness, fullness
As the moon at its fullest
Lights up the sky.

Now the moon is full again
& you are four weeks old.
Little lion, lioness,
Yowling for my breasts,
Rowling at the moon,
How I love your lustiness,
Your red face demanding,
Your hungry mouth howling,
Your screams, your cries
Which all spell life
In large letters
The color of blood.

You are born a woman
For the sheer glory of it,
Little redhead, beautiful screamer.
You are no second sex,
But the first of the first;
& when the moon’s phases
Fill out the cycle
Of your life,
You will crow
For the joy
Of being a woman,
Telling the pallid moon
To go drown herself
In the blue ocean,
& glorying, glorying, glorying
In the rosy wonder
Of your sunshining wondrous

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Nursing You